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A Malamud Reader. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1967.
[A collection of five excerpts from the novels, ten stories from The Magic Barrel and Idiots First, and the complete text of The Assistant with an introduction by Philip Rahv. The book is dedicated to Malamud's former colleague at Oregon State Chester Garrison and his wife.]
  • Introduction [by Philip Rahv], pp. vii-xiv.
  1. Three Journeys
    • To Chicago (from The Natural), pp. 3-33.
      [Complete text of "Pre-game" in the novel.]
    • To the Coast (from A New Life), pp. 34-49.
      [The last half of the fifth chapter of the novel, in which is described Levin's ill-fated drive to the coast to meet Nadalee.]
    • To Kiev (from The Fixer), pp. 50-71.
      [Chapters 2 and 3 in Part 1 of the novel, in which is described Yakov's ill-fated journey to Kiev.]
  2. The Assistant, pp. 75-305.
    [Complete text of the novel.]
  3. In Love and Prison
    • S. Levin in Love (from A New Life), pp. 309-363.
      [Chapters 7, 8, and 9 of the novel, beginning with Levin's encounter with Pauline in the forest and ending with his renunciation of love.]
    • Yakov Bok in Prison (from The Fixer), pp. 364-391.
      [Complete text of Part 7 of the novel, which ends with Shmuel's visit and departure.]
  4. Stories

Two Fables: "The Jewbird" and "Talking Horse". Limited edition, Banyan Press, Bennington College, 1978.

[If you have any information about this book, please let me know.]

Uncollected Stories:

[With the publication of The Complete Stories, all of Malamud's published stories are officially collected. Therefore it may no longer be necesary to maintain this category except for "A Long Ticket for Isaac." But, since I have not yet verified if the excerpts of the novels below are identical to the relevant parts of the novels, I have decided to keep the excerpts as they are.]

"Thanks for Nothing." Esquire 56, no.2 (August 1961): 101-12 .
[Excerpt from A New Life.]

"A Long Ticket for Isaac." In Creative Writing and Rewriting: Contemporary American Novelist at Work . Ed. by John Kuehl. New York: Meredith Publishing Co., Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1967, pp. 70-86 (even-numbered pages).
[An Earlier version of "Idiots First".]

"Dubin's Lives: Part One." New Yorker 53 (18 April 1977): 38-50 .

"Dubin's Lives: Part Two." New Yorker 53 (25 April 1977): 36-47 .

"Abhorrent Green Slippery City." Playboy 24, no. 12 (December 1977): 138-40 , 142 , 348 , 352 , 354 , 356 , 358 , 360 , 362 .
[Excerpt from Dubin's Lives .]

"Home Is the Hero." Atlantic 241, no. 1 (January 1978): 42-49 , 52-57 .
[Excerpt from Dubin's Lives .]

Other Writings:

Kim of Korea, (written under pseudonym Peter Lumm) and Faith Norris. New York: Julian Messner, Inc. 1955.

[A juvenile literature about the adventures of a Korean boy Kim Chung Wan, written with Faith Norris, Malamud's former colleague at Oregon State College.]

  1. The Coming of Len, the American Soldier, pp. 9-25.
  2. Choi OK Dong--The Poet, pp. 26-41.
  3. The Long Journey Starts, pp. 42-56.
  4. The Night and the Old Man Pak, pp. 57-69.
  5. The Adventure on the River, pp. 70-88.
  6. San-Il's Mistake and What Came of It, pp. 89-104.
  7. The Acrobats, pp. 105-124.
  8. The Japanese Gentleman, pp. 125-144.
  9. One Journey Ends, Another Begins, pp. 145-157.
Long Work, Short Life, Bennington Chapbooks in Literature, Bennigton, Vermont: Bennington College. 1985.

[A record of lecture originally delivered at Bennington College as Lecture Seven in the Ben Belitt Lectureship Series on October 13, 1984. Limited edition of 1,000. It contains three pictures of Malamud (1. "Bernard Malamud reading at the Carriage Barn, Bennington College, 1978." 2. "Bernard Malamud in the 1960s (Clemens Klisscher photo)." 3. "Bernard Malamud with Ben Belitt, at Bennington College in 1981 (Kyle Hughes photo)." ) and a copy of his manuscript page from a work in progress, 1985.]

  • Introduction [by Nicholas Delbanco], pp. 1-3.
  • Long Work, Short Life, pp. 5-19.
    [Click on the above link to see the shorter version of the lecture in The New York Times Archives.]

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