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Bibliographies on Bernard Malamud

Selected Books on Malamud: [The aim of this page is to introduce the content of each selected book on Bernard Malamud. As a first step, I list the table of contents of the Fields' Bernard Malamud and the Critics, the first monumental collection of articles on Malamud. Hopefully, you will get annotations of each book and/or article in the near future. (03/07/2000)]

[1966 Richman] [1970 Field] [1975 Field] [1977 Astro] [1979 Iwamoto]

[1980 Hershinow] [1981 Alter] [1985 Helterman] [1985 Salzberg] [1986 Bloom] [1987 Salzberg]

[1989 Solotaroff] [1990 Ochshorn] [1991 Lasher] [1991 Kosofsky] [1993 Abramson] [1996 Cheuse]

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1979 Iwamoto, Iwao. Malamud: Geijutsu to seikatsu o motomete [Malamud: In search of art and life]. Eibei Bungaku Sosho. Tokyo: Tojusha, 208 pp.

1979 岩元 巌, 『マラマッド:芸術と生活を求めて』 英米文学作家論叢書, 東京:冬樹社

  1. 芸術家の自画像 [Self-Portrait of the Artist], pp. 7-38.
    [About Pictures of Fidelman: An Exhibition.]
  2. 入門の儀式 [Initiation], pp. 39-58.
    [About The Natural.]
  3. 貧しき人々 [Poor People], pp. 59-78.
    [About The Magic Barrel.]
  4. ある成熟 [A Maturity], pp. 79-99.
    [About The Assistant.]
  5. 新しい発展 [A New Development], pp. 101-125.
    [About A New Life.]
  6. ユダヤ人であること [To Be a Jew], pp. 127-153.
    [About The Fixer.]
  7. 芸術と生活と [For Art and Life], pp. 155-180.

  8. [About The Tenants and Dubin's Lives.]
  • 附: マラマッドと会う [Appendix: Meeting with Malamud], pp. 181-190.
    [An account about the author's interview with Malamud in Benington, Vermont, in June, 1978.]
  • あとがき [Afterword], pp. 191-195.
  • マラマッド略年譜 [Chronology], pp. 196-198.
  • マラマッド主要文献 [Bibliography], pp. 4-10.
  • 索引 [Index], pp. 1-3.

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Bibliographies on Bernard Malamud

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