Spring 2003

Essays by Aki K.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on June 20, 2003

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Reasons for Attending College

      There are many reasons that people attend university. The reason is different for people, but perhaps most people have same reasons. Next are examples that people attend university. For first of reasons, they attend to learn special subjects. They can enlarge their stock of knowledge about their interesting things. If they interested in English, they can learn not only language but also structure, culture, and so on. They know only language is not go far enough. They need to know the context too. For the fruits of studying, they get qualification. Also the expert knowledge is very useful for jobs.

     Second, people want to enjoy college life. University is last their school days. So they want to make happy memories. For lead a full school life, to make friends is very important, too. Friends in school are close all the time in future. If they part from friends after university, their friends will courage. They learn human relations through they are concerned with many friends and teachers.

     Third, people graduate university is become generalization. Some people may think that it is shameful to not attend university. Perhaps, this is the most reason that people attend university. If people don't attend university, they have nothing to do another. So people may attend university.

      Finally, university is the place of preparation for own future. They search future job and plans in university. They think what they want to do, and they decide. Through things that they have learned in university, they leave to take their place in society. 

      Each people have each reason. To achieve each goal is very important. For their dream, people must make efforts.

Experience or Books

      There are two ways to gain knowledge. It is experience and books. Now, which is more important for us?  

     I think that “experience” is more important than “books” to gain knowledge. There are many reasons that I think so, in plain language, “experience” is reality but “books” is not reality. I will give a full account about “experience” and “books”.

     Experience is an actual occurrence what you did before. Though the experience, you can understand in your body and mind. The other hands, book is only reading, it is not what you did in practice. You can drive the knowledge in the book into your head, but it is not said that you practiced. The knowledge in books is only in your head, but the knowledge from experience is not only in your head.

     For example, what if you have an accident ? In the case of experience, you have experienced like this accident before, you naturally can do smoothly. But in the case of books, you do for first time, so you know only the way that coping, you will do as it is. But maybe establishment of success is low.

     The above is different point experience and books. But there is similar point between two. Whether you gain the knowledge from experience or in books, it is unchanged that the knowledge in your head. At any rate, you gain the knowledge about same thing. If you make the most of this knowledge, it is all right.

     Knowledge in books has good points, too. There is a limit to experience. According to circumstances, you want to do, but you can not do things. The other hand, there is not a limit to gain knowledge from books. If you can remember, you can gain as much knowledge as you know. In this point, books are more easier way to gain knowledge.

     I think the mentioned above things, I do not decide which is more important. But finally I think that the knowledge in books is imagination, and the knowledge from experience is reality. So my conclusion is experience is more important than books.

Change in Your School

      Recently,there are many people that go to university. When I take an examination I choose the university myself but I may be like all of the university. It is difficult for me that I profess that succeed everything. Maybe there are few people that succeed everything. Now,how do I do to be contented with my university?

     I am a student that the college of foreign language. So, I study English mainly and related in foreign language. Surely I go to university to learn English but I think that I want to study other thing. Other students may think same thing. Student will think that they want to study more to gain more knowledge. For example,subjects that economy,law,welfare and so on. If student study these subjects,student may be helped in the future. Also through this study, student can find future plans. So I want to study other subjects too.

     If I change one thing about university,I would abolish the college. Student can study any subject from all. They are not prepossessed with frame,they study as they want as possible. For example, student can choose that they want to study when they enter the university. So student can study only they hope thing. Now, there is system that other college student can study other college subjects. So if university increase that student study subjects, student study hard, and gain more knowledge, and student can be motivated. Student can choose subjects that they really study.  

     But there are two faults that I think. There are need many teachers and place for classes. It is essential to provide this but actually difficult. So it is may be impossible that abolish the college.

     This is my opinion that I want to change university. But it is very different that university change. My opinion is only idea. I go to university and study English from now on. I hope to study within an extent that my best, and to lead full college life in this university.

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