Spring 2003

Essays by Asuka K.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on June 20, 2003

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Reasons for Attending College

      After you graduate from high school, what will you do next? That is the theme most Japanese students will be faced. Will you serve as an office worker? or do you want to be a teacher? There is lots of choices in your future. But even if you want to work for a company, you may not be employed because you don't have enough business ability. In order to work for a company, you have to have some knowledge and notice the attitude which you will be request for from people when you go into the world. If you want to know these things, college is the best place for you and there is some reasons why I think college is the best.

      First,in a college, you can get lots of necessary information and knowledge by using books in the college library, talking with professors or discussing with other students. You will decide your speciality in a college and investigate your interests by those ways. If you study hard in your major, you will be a kind of specialist in your course. College will give you lots of chances to be a specialist. Also college relationships are important for you as well as studies. In a college, you have chances to get acquainted with people over age, nationality and race and you can learn many kinds of opinions from different types of people. This chance will give you a good experience. Because sometimes you have to do your work in cooperation with other workers when you work for a company and if you are accustomed to well communicate with others, you are sure to achieve good job cooperating with others.

      From these reasons, college is the best place to ready for your new social life. You will learn many things in a college more than what you studied in your high school.

Experience or Books

      Experience or book, which gives you a lot of good things? When you want to get more knowledge or information, you should read books and also go out in order to experience more things. I think both process is important for you because each has merits and demerits. Let me talk about these points.

      First, I will talk about good point of book. It enables you to contact with lots of people without you go any place. I'll give you an example. When you read a book, you can read book that is written by foreign writer. You can even get past peoples’ messages or knowledge that they experienced in their lifetime. All you have to do is to choose book according to your needs. There are many kinds of book in the world, mathematic book, historical book, novel and so on. If you read some, you may be able to be a specialist.

      However, we tend to overlook the point. Although book is good information resource, book has not always reality. Even if you read well-written autobiography, you may not get correct information. It may not tell you the true story and it is difficult for you to judge whether the book is honest or false. For this reason, it is dangerous to get knowledge directory from book.

      On the other hand, experience is reality it all. What all you’ve done can be experience and it will give you a lesson. Therefore, experience can’t be a false.

      Anyhow, most important point is that useless knowledge is not given meaning. If you learn something new, you should use the knowledge practically. It is said in cases, books and experience. When you study new thing from book, you have to use the knowledge in your daily life.

Change in Your School

      Do you follow rules in your college life? I notice that some students do not follow regulation because I often find some smokers in non-smoking area. I suppose it is important for every person to keep rules in their community. I suppose that we should make penal regulation against the people who lack of common sense. College rule should be more clarified. I believe that clear regulation makes college better place for every person and I need better place for smoker and nonsmoker.

      In my college, smoking is not forbidden at all. People can smoke outside of college building, every place with ashtray, however, I often find some smokers at dining hall. It is not permitted to smoke cigarette at dining hall but they smoke beside people eating lunch, using empty can instead of ashtray in spite of they know that smoking area is outside.

      Both smoker and nonsmoker have a claim on each other. As people can enjoy smoking, those who dislike smoking ought to enjoy their college life without being interrupted by any smokers. I emphasize that smoking people are free from stress of non-smoking, while nonsmoker is not free from stress of smoking. Actually, as I dislike smoking I can’t enjoy lunchtime at the dining hall. In order to make present situation better, I propose new college rule about smoking as follows.

      People who are worn five times about smoking at dining hall should be forced to absent from the college. If the person were forced to absent from school three times, he will be supposed to leave college. Although some people think this role is too strict, such penalty is essential. As college is the place people gather to achieve each object, people who disturb the college order should be punished properly.

      As I mentioned above, I suppose that college rule is made clearly with penal regulations and keep the college order. If we form the regulation of smoking, our college will be better place for smokers and non-smokers.

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