Spring 2003

Essays by Ei S.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on June 20, 2003

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Reasons for Attending College

      Today, there are many way of life after man graduated from high school. The selection is free that which university to go or which enterprise to work or do nothing. They have own way of thinking and sensitivities which is most important proof of his ever life. I think man must hold it in high regard. In this place, I enumerate those who go to college and their reason with some examples.

      First, people go to college in order to deepen the knowledge of discipline which they interested in. It gives a good chance to them. Many professors who are specialists of each discipline belong to there. It is also attractive for them that he can study not only one thing but some things in university. Second, everyone goes to college for the purpose of discovering what they want to do. In this case, as they don't have a clear will, they seem unsteady. But he is sure to grow up to be human person through the encounter with all sorts of person.

      Next,there are those who think school education is a step to getting a good job. Generally speaking, this thought is not wrong and not necessarily right. Because in contemporary Japan, a society which sets a greater value on the academic career of an individual than on his real ability is about to end. So the above person must recognize it and develop them individuality.

      Finally, others attend to university so as to realize their dream. This pattern is similar to first example. But, there is a definite sense of purpose. It is the one who is the best hardworking person. As I said above, various people those who have each reason go to college. Each reason is OK, because man who goes to university is yourself. It is most important for them to make the most of a variety of experiences and encounters in college in the future

Experience or Books

      People widen their knowledge from reading books or what they experienced their ever life. Both of them have some special features which are different from each other. So, which is more important the knowledge gained from books or the knowledge gained from experience. I think that the later is more important as it has no doubtful reality than the former. But the former doesn't always has reality. So, I mention that which is important after state each characteristic.

     First,books give many positive information which is based on well grounded argument of writer to him. Acquiring the information which he has never known is precious, to be sure, but he must not swallow everything in books. This is not necessarily right. Man is likely to swallow, because man is a recipient of action as a reader. It is important for them to ascertain whether it is good or not. Also man had better to recognize new intelligence as it is to add to own wisdom which have been cultivated.

     Next, the wisdom from going through has reality, since actually those who undergo is themselves. In fact, there are plenty of things which person can understand unless they go through in the world. For example, they can get an intelligence of that water is cold from reading books, but they can't have hot feelings if you are not. This is a famous example as talk of Helen Adams Keller. "So, it concerns with their sensitivity and is most important. But person must judge calmly what they undergo as it is shaped by themselves.

     As I said above, the former and the later have own good points. But I think the later is more important, because man can be human person by learning the wits from experience. Decidedly people can be genius and get a perfect score in the examination by reading books. But he will be whom there is no substance in. So, I want everyone to think a great deal of the knowledge gained from experience and what you feel then.

Change in Your School

      Today,there are several problems in the college that I attend. Especially, the problem that some students smoke in a refectory and a multipurpose room is brought up. Why they smoke though person is prohibited from do so. On the other hand, why the staff forbids doing so. I think students may smoke in there. Strictly speaking, it is the best way to establish a room where students can smoke. In this place, I would mention about this resolution.

      First, seen from the position of university staff, that student smoke in a refectory and a multipurpose room is disagreeable. Cleaning staff has trouble in cleaning as most students who smoke has no manner. They throw the cigarette on the floor and put it in dishes. It is serious problem for them. But, good resolution has not been occurred yet. Resolution that punishes man who smokes is not good idea because smoker’s right is ignored. It is important to hold the meeting in which both the two parties consults with. Nonsmoker had better to join the meeting. In this place, I think that making room where he can smoke is the best way. But there is one problem. It cost them much money to do so. However, the resolution will produce good result to them. If it is made, clean staff could not have trouble in cleaning the place without the smoking room.

      Second, seen from the position of nonsmoker, it is physical pain that there are smoker near them. Smoke of cigarette cause person various problems. For example, it makes their clothes foul smelling and cause them serious illness. So, in this place, it is the best way to make a smoking room, too. They can spend a comfortable time by separating both smoker and nonsmoker. But, there will be some students who smoke in a nonsmoking section. In such a case, you might as well advise them to stop smoking. It is a just their rights

      Next, speaking of smoker position, it is hard for them to keep themselves from smoking all the time in a refectory or multipurpose room. Especially, after they eat a lunch. But there are some students who hate him to smoke around themselves. So, smoker can be free to smoke without giving others physical pain by making smoking room.

      As I said above, this resolution is the best way to solve a smoking problem. No one feel disagreeable if this idea comes true. But there are many other problems, which is difficult to solve in this school. In these places, talking about it each other is most important. A unilateral settlement, which is decided by university, is not always good resolution.

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