Spring 2003

Essays by Hazuki N.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on June 20, 2003

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Reasons for Attending College

      In order to learn more nearly specially, I regard that there are many people its interest as attend to a university. However, in inside, the person who attend to a university but not for study for the future is also. If it goes into a company, for a college graduate and a high school graduate, a difference will come out in a salary and it will be concerned also with success in life. Those who have not come out of a university also have the company which can also join a company and is not.

      Moreover, those who especially a reason does not have, either and go to school also think that they are in inside. Since it is an unstable time, in order to find a thing cannot find out hope and to do in the future, there are also those no who come to a university few. Isn't it the proof which is not special attend to a university ? However, such people’ s home are a house with a certain amount of margin. There is nothing at the reason everybody can attend to a university easily so.

      People have different reasons attending college, but many things can be studied. It will set aside whether it is useful to future work, and it will become very good property for itselves. Although there are probably some persons who think the route for taking up good work, I think that I want to attend to a university, recognizing the thing that it is not only a sake.

Experience or Books

      From which shall we get in many cases between experience and books, even gaining knowledge? I think that it is important in the way of gaining knowledge from experience.

      We can get much knowledge from experience and books. Using books, we can learn not only for oneself but also a large number. So, at school, we use various kinds of textbooks. In general, we can learn many things from our daily life. For example, we can know an importance of life by having pets. Then, which way is better for us to get knowledge?

      I like reading a book, so I've ever read many books. The knowledge from books is helpful for me. I can learn Chinese characters and words; moreover fictitious stories stretch my imagination. But books are not useful for everything. For example, there is little need a text on dance lesson. And in science class, the experiment is rather understood than textbook. These are easily to learn by body than by head from word.

      I think that there is the limit to inform only words. An old shrine "Nikkou Tousyouguu" is in Japan. There are some famous arts, Sannenn (three monkeys), Nemurineko (Sleeping cat) and so on. There are strange statues of elephant among these arts. They were made from only literature, so real appearance has been differed from. I think that such cases exist throughout the world. A proverb "Seeing is believing." expresses well this case.

      In conclusion, knowledge gained from books is very important, but knowledge gained from experience is useful in reality. So in my opinion, experience is more important than books.

Change in Your School

      At the university, various persons learn, instruction and work. I want to write about the improving point of a school from the position as a student. If I can change one thing in my school, I don't hesitate to change office work system in my school.

      First, opening hours is inconvenience. We can almost go there only during recess, but lunch time is close,and it is in the middle of class that closing hour is 5 o’clock. In addition open hour is 9 o’clock that is too late to come before class. The least they should be staggered lunchtime or anticipate opening hour.

      Second, there are some people but only one or two people receive. It was so bad, when we registered for curriculum. Many students lined in front of the window. They daunt me to line and ask some questions. Although it stood in a line, there were too many people, and couldn't consult calmly. Furthermore, there are too many people who have stood in a line, and it is very difficult to go through there. I think that they should take which measures when the time to be crowded increases the number.

      My most troubled is having separated in the lottery of the second foreign language. The one can’t to be taken in spite of compulsory subject! Since the lesson was finally added, it was able to take. However, as for the lottery by the machine, opting for the lesson for one year is bad.

      The personnel's sociability is also bad. They don't have much kind feeling. After all, it will not clarify the department of School Affaires but will go to a teacher to consult, and teacher's burden is increased. It takes time and effort very much for us that we find and consult about a busy teacher, and a check is taken to the department of School Affaires.

      In a conclusion, I confidence that office work system is changed, our school life is better.

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