Spring 2003

Essays by Hidefumi O.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on June 20, 2003

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Reasons for Attending College

      Having a good life is an eternal theme for human beings. So that we need to get a good job and a good friend. Attending university or college help us having a good life. I mention about that below.

      First, some one attend university or college to get a good job after graduation. We can learn not only a specialized knowledge but also get expert licenses, such as doctor, lawyer, teacher, chemist. On the other hand, companies want to hire good-educated employees because of economic down-turn. Many companies forced to down-sizing, so can not hire many people, just need resourceful people. Thus, it would be a great advantage for getting a good job if you attend university or college.

      Second, other people attend university or college to enjoy their youth. At university, there are a lot of free time, so we can do many things just for fun; part-time job, drinking, watching films, and even making films if you want. These experiences may be regarded as of little value at that moment, but definitely valuable later. They must get great friends having these experiences, that kind of friends help and encourage one of them if he depresses.

      As I mentioned above, people attend university or college to make their life better as their own way.

Experience or Books

      Experience teach us everything. It is a sentence that I always remember when I'm worried about the future. Trying something, we can get some results that can be very important and precious knowledge for our life. Books also provide us knowledge but it is not so precious as we gain from experience. I would explain that as my experience.

      I've been very interested in London. Because it is famous for music, and also my favorite DJ is there. So I studied London English and about the town such as the place to see, food to eat and so on. Of course, we can learn that kind of knowledge from guidebooks or using INTERNET. But it's no more than information. It is useful for a person who just wants to exercise one's brain, but, not useful for a person who wants to get some information from experiences.

      On the other hand, when I go there, I can have friends, eat foods, go to night-clubs and talk with DJ who I admire. Such an experiences bring me a real knowledge and give me precious things like friends, smells and tastes. In short, I could gain memories. It is impossible to gain such things from books. On that point, experience has much more important meanings than that of books.

      As a conclusion, indeed, we can get many information from books, for example, ideas of famous people, traveling information, these help us to know things which we can't experience easily. And they can tell us history of our country which we never gone back to as using time-machine. That's also important things. Though,I definitely say that experience directly is much more important than information from books in our lives on the point of real action.

Change in Your School

      We have a right to have a lunch agreeably as human beings. It is, also, important time for all people who work or study to rest and refresh. Undoubtedly, we have a large and beautiful cafeteria in school but there is only one for students. If you come to cafeteria at lunch time, you can see long queues unbelievably. I think we should establish more place to eat in our university.

      In my case, I often go to a convenience store to buy some food in lunch time. Because I don't want to waste my precious time forming a long line. But, in fact, I'd like to eat lunch in school cafeteria if it were comfortable.

      In comparison with another university, for example, Kumamoto university has three cafeterias for four departments. That is, we don't need to form a long line to have a lunch. Also, there are two areas in it which is smoking and non-smoking. That means students can spend their lunch time more comfortable and possibly have their concentration on lessons. It's good for both health and brain isn't it?

      On the other hand, someone might say that you can use another restaurant or fast-food shop near school, but it cost much more money than school cafeteria. Obviously, many students don't have extra money as a mobile phone company have said on the TV commercial.

      In addition, cocks who work for school restaurant care for our health. Especially, it's good for people who live by themselves to have a balanced diet.

      As I mentioned, at lunch time, we have to waste our precious time to buy some foods in long lines. That is, we don't have enough restaurant in school as compared with a number of students. So I suggest that we should establish one more cafeteria to spend lunch time happy.

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