Spring 2003

Essays by Kana Y.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on June 20, 2003

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Reasons for Attending College

      There are 3068000 people in Japan. Could you guess what this number is? It is the number of students who go to college or university. Many students attend college or university recently. It is natural that students who graduated from high school will enter the school now. In addition to that, even over 40 years old people try to enter the school. Why so many people attend college or university? In my opinion, I have three main reasons.

      First of all, the reason is for career. We can learn many things which are very useful for us. This reason is there are high quality systems, teachers of authority and many kinds of students. We can get career in like this environment. But, the reason why people need career is for their job in the future.

      Today, career is regarded as very important thing in the society when people find the job. If people don't have high career, they are regarded as bad. Some personnel departments in company judge the person by high career mainly. This is some kind of prejudice. But, we cannot avoid this situation because our society itself makes it. So we tend to go to college or university in order to get the job.

      Second is to experience new things. As I said before, there are many kind of friends, teachers, chances in the school. We can get more chances to do new things than before. Moreover we can find ourselves or the thing which we really want to do new experiences. This is very good for us.

      Finally, people try to get more deep knowledges. Please remember, now, there are over 40 years old person who enter the school. They have many reasons. Some of them want to go to the school again. Others want to quit and get a new job. Both of them want to get more knowledges to do their will.

      The conclusion is that it depends on each person. As for me, I want to get new experiences and find what I really want to do. From these reasons, people attend college or university

Experience or Books

      How do you get your knowledge in your life? Why do we try to get much information? I think that we need to get more knowledge to make our life better. It is so useful for us to know many things. Moreover the more knowledge we have, the more we can improve our skills.There are many ways to do it around us. We always look for how to get knowledge in them. As a topic said that there are two main ways to get knowledge. They are knowledge gained from experience and knowledge gained from books. Which source is more important for you?

      The Knowledge gained from books have two good points. First one is that it can make our brain ability up. The reason is to read books makes us think and imagine a lot of situations. In fact, My friends who read many books know many things which I don't know and teach me. They have the abilities of thinking and adaptation to many different situations. Second one is that we can get a lot of information in advance. If we happen to meet emergency case, we can settle it thanks to advance information.

      On the other hand, there are also some good points about knowledge gained from experience. We sometimes failed and got some damages. But we could get new knowledge after that. Our experiences give us energy to prove our skills. In addition to that, the knowledge about experience never makes us forget much knowledge. We can get the knowledge from bottom of heart. Do you know the proverb, 'Seeing is believing'? This also says about it. In the result, we can applicate the knowledge to our daily life anytime. People who have many experiences do anything because of many knowledge.

      In conclusion, I think that both of them can get much knowledge. But how to get knowledge depends on each person. When I compare which source is more important, I think knowledge gained from experience is more important. Because reading books is just getting knowledge, but experience is that we actually practice. Even if we get much knowledge from books, we cannot predict whether it can adapt our actual situation or not.

Change in Your School

      Do you have some questions of a time for entrance examination? If I could make one important change in a school, I would make a new system of entrance examination. In the present situation, we have to take the entrance test in February and enter school in April.The time of the entrance test is only once and we cannot choose it. But after plan adoption, we can take the entrance examination in September, too and start learning subjects from the second semester like West. There are two reasons I would like to make this system.

      First reason is that we have to take the test surrounded a lot of pollen.There are many people who have a pollen allergy now. Most students who must have had a hay fever have hard experiences or some problems during entrance examination. Hay fever makes us many kind of symptoms. These symptoms have sneeze, snivel,itch of eyes, annoyance, several bouts of fever and so on. We get not only physical damages but also mental damages. Could you imagine how terrible this situation is? Can students really study well and exercise their abilities? Actually, hay fever makes efficiency down. As a result, we will not satisfy our examination. Then, the universities cannot find students who have a really special ability.

      Second reason is that they can get much time to think about ourselves deeply. After graduating from school, we have to prepare for the test soon. There is not enough time to think any things about future, what we want to do, job, idea and so on. Most students don't think about their future. Then,they will go to school without a reason. As for me, I also did not have clear ideas about the future. I just thought about passing the test. But,the most important thing is to think deeply. We have to look around large view in order to prove our life.

      In conclusion, if I will make the new system of entrance examination, the student who has hay fever can choose the time of entrance examination in order to avoid bad situation. After that, they will not regret the failing owing to a hay fever any more. Moreover we can set the chance to think about ourselves well. If students want more time to think many things, they can choose the time. Thanks to deep thinking, They can lead a full time in the university.

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