Spring 2003

Essays by Konomi N.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on June 20, 2003

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Reasons for Attending College

      People attend college or university for many different reasons. I have three main reasons for it. First, people want to learn more knowledge in order to get a better job and also to have a higher position in the society. Learning more knowledge is not only make people more intelligent but also a chance to change their lives and succeed. In my case, I can learn various kinds of subjects and how to explain my specific opinion in English class. It's very stimulate my curiosity.

      The second reason is to get friends who come from various prefectures. People have a chance to meet various kinds of persons. Each persons have own thinking and they sometimes give people good ideas. And also people have a chance to join in club activities. Many sports which people have never played before are able to play in university or college. In the club activities, a very warm friendship will spring up between man to man. I have a large circle of friends since I have joined in a free sports circle.

      Next, people experiences many things through campus life and will grow up to be common sense man in the future. When people will be junior, they start job hunting. That is, they may start their adult life and will be getting to know structure of society. I think it's a first step to be a member of society. It's good for them to prepare career.

      As I have mentioned above, people go to attend a college or university for taking good education, having fun with many persons and to experience precious things.

Experience or Books

      We can gain knowledge from both experience and books everyday. For example, watch television, read a newspaper, talk with people and so on. Through these things, knowledge gives us information and makes us wise. We have two ways of gaining knowledge. I think knowledge gained from experience is more important.

      I have two main reasons for difference between knowledge gained from experience and books. First, knowledge from books gives us much information. They have many things, which we don't know and we can learn other person’s thought. As for me, when I have homework, I go to the library to look for a book. They have many reference books and offer much information. Books make me intelligent. I think reading books is very important things for us to become a wisdom person. I’m a university student now and I have many chances to gain knowledge from books in school library. So I make full use of them and make efforts to become one of wisdom persons.

      Second, it is more important things to get knowledge from experience. Experience is using all of the body and feeling. I belonged to basketball club, when I was a junior high school student. Since then I started to feel strongly the importance of knowledge found in experience. I practiced basketball very hard like my teacher and I was imitating his act everyday. So I could easily learn how to play it. Moreover, I experienced precious things through club. For example, communicate with others and joy of playing sports and so on. We can gain knowledge with various kinds of people through experience. If you want to learn basketball and to gain knowledge from book about it, you can learn rule easily, but it will take much time to master play basketball. It is because you just read book and don’t use body. It is better to gain knowledge by using body when you play sports.

      As I mentioned above, I think experience is more important than books. There are many things we can gain knowledge through experience. We can learn things by using body and feeling. So I think experience is more important to absorb knowledge.

Change in Your School

      If I could make one important change in a school that I attended, I would like to change the way of class. Every class I take gives me few assignments every week. Which do you prefer, you are given few or many assignments? I am sure that most students prefer given few assignments. It seems to me that university students don't study much recently.

      I have two main reasons for this issue. First, University students should study more and more. They idle away many hours on spending personal time. For example, person who are working part-time job without attending university, person who are chatting with his or her friends during class and person who are watching TV or going out after class. The purpose of entrance to university is to gain various kind of knowledge. So they have to realize the meaning of entrance to university.

      Second, I think teachers give students few assignments. So it effects on students to idle and decline their capacity for learning. If teachers give them more assignments, they have to study harder. It's good for them to acquire education and power of thinking. I see many students who don't study much or at all. If this situation keeps on, their ability will more decline. It would be better for them to have many assignments. If students study harder and harder, not only they gain much knowledge but also they can discuss about various kinds of issues with teachers.

      My sister, who is study abroad, says that Japanese students are fool than other country's students. I hear that a friend of hers studies until midnight everyday. So she doesn’t have free time. What I want to say is Japanese students should follow other country's students. If we study many subjects harder and gain various kind of knowledge in university, we will not be in trouble easily when we get out into the world.

      As I mentioned above, I think teachers give their students many assignments are very important. It’s good for students to become intelligence. So I would like to change the way of class, if I could make one important change in a school

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