Spring 2003

Essays by Kyoko.K.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on June 20, 2003

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Reasons for Attending College

      Do you have a target or hope in your life? If you have,You have to attend collage or university. You can study a lot of important things and aproach your target. If you haven't had target or hope yet,you can find something important to do in your collage life.

      We have a lot of hopes and target in the future.We need to achieve the target. The reason why we attend college or university is to achieve our target or to find a target. Every students find life worth living to achieve the target. It's important to have a target. The target is everything o.k. For example,studying abroad,joining club activity,seeing many moovies to improve English ability and so on. There are many chances to find or achieve your target in collage or university.

      My target is to deverop my English faculties,so I study abroad for a month,seeing many moovies on English,communicate with many foreign people and make friends with them and so on. It's very useful for our life in the future to have a target. These give us a nice and good our collage days. If we have no target in our college days,our college days will be blank.

      When we achieve our target,we'll graduate from university with happy and It's valuable memories in our life.

Experience or Books


      Which is more important, knowledge gained from books or from experience? Can you say which is better? Knowledge gained from books and the one gained from experience are both valuable and important resources in our life. In addition, both types of knowledge are necessary for us. Books are visible things and experiences are invisible. But both are very important and precious. There are many differences between knowledge gained from experience and knowledge gained from books. I can't choose just one of them and say that this is more important. Both have good points to widen our knowledge. But both of them have each merits and faults.

      Books tell us much important knowledge and many things that teachers will not teach us at school. Books are, in this sense, a kind of "Bible" in our life. But on the other hand, it has some faults. For example, in fact, we don’t action using our body. We only understand using our brain and eyes. So,if you rely on reading books, you cannot come across great experiences. Besides, if you don’t like reading books, you will read few books, so you will not be learned by books. Only people who are interested in reading books are advantageous. There are many kinds of books in the world for example, novels, textbooks, essays, comics and so on. Sometimes, comics tell us important and valuable things more easily. We can come across with many of them easily. If you haven't read any books, you will not be able to gain much information. If you read many books, you will not only learn a lot of important knowledge but also make yourself mature. If you will become to like books, you can take a broad view of things.   

      On the other hand, experience is also important things for us to gain knowledge. There is another good reason different from books. You can try it easily right now. There are many things that we can't learn by books. It makes you to feel knowledge directly. So you can gain it more easily than books. For example, if you want to improve or advance your English ability, you can study abroad. To study abroad is good choice to improve or advance your English ability. You can experience real English directly. Thus, your English ability will be able to advance. But it has some faults. We cannot save experience as an object like books. We can only rest in our blain. Like this things, we cannot learn by books. It has another good point by comparison books.

      On the conclusion, both knowledge from books and experiences are important, and you can choice both way. Both of them give you important things and mature you. You should gain knowledge according to the situation. You should adapt them over and over. The best choice is that you accept both way equally.

Change in Your School

      What do I change in my school if I can change only one point in the university where I go? I want to have one question for you. Do you communicate with foreigner or speak English in the university? Probably, almost students in my university will answer “No”. Why? There are a lot of foreign students. But we scarcely speak English in the university. That is my opinion what I want to change in my school.

      I think that the university had better to change the better educational environment that we can speak English or communicates with foreign students. Most of us usually spend a collage time with Japanese people. We should speak English with them or at least with Japanese in English because we are in the English department. We have to speak English to advance our English speaking ability. Anyhow, Here is Dokkyo University that has brand of “linguistic”. But most of us don’t do that. There are some problems why do we scarcely come in touch with foreign students. At first, there is little chance to find foreign students in the university and there is a party that communicates with them only sometimes. Second, the university does not compel us to communicate with them.

      International communication is very important for us. So I think that Japanese students and foreign students had better to have interchange in the university. For example, we need to have more party like a “Let’s Speak Japanese Party”. Having the party is nice idea for change in my school. That makes us to get to know foreign students and communicate with them more frequently. In fact, I could make friends with some foreign students in the party in our university. After that, I became to think that the party like this make sence an importance. Thus, I hope that the university should have more party that we can communicate with them. The other idea is that the university gives all of us an e-mail address of another country people by force and we have to correspond e-mail. That makes us to communicate with foreign people. We need opportunities. That is the important thing to change our university.

      On the conclusion, in fact, we are difficult to find the chance to contact with foreign students and speak English. So I wish our university will help us to offer more chance to speak English like a party that we can get to know foreign students and communicate with them. I think that holding an event makes us not only advance our English speaking ability but also gives us positiveness. This is my demand to change for our university. It is worthless if you miss an opportunity to speak English. We have a lot of chances in our mind.

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