Spring 2003

Essays by Miyuki A.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on June 28, 2003

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Reasons for Attending College

      Why people attend the university? I think the reason why people attend college or university is different. It is because each one has each purpose to enter. There are some example.

      First, to get qualification to become some particular occupation like doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, and so on. There are many chairs to get that. For example, I am taking the course of TOEFL to get high score. I need more than 550 score to be an English teacher. Through taking that, I was able to know some methods of provision for TOEFL.

      Second, to acquire the degree of graduating university or college because some companies need the material who has the degree. Today, most of student go to university to get degree because many companies don't employ the talent who doesn't have that. So this can be one of the reasons. Third, to learn many things about one's interest. I think this is the main reason to attend. Because people have their interests or something they want to learn, so they decide to go to university. That is why there are many fields of study.

      In my case, one experience made me decide to go university and learn English. When I was a high school student, I asked the station by one Indonesian. I could tell him where the station is by any means. It was so hard to me, but I was very happy because my English made sense. Though my English was so poor, he understood mine. After that we had a small talk. Where he is from, why he came to Japan, and all the like. I remember that it was so stimulated. That is why I attend the university.

      In conclusion, there are many reason to enter there. But consistently, most of people go there to learn something concerned with their future. This is very important thing. That is, the whys and wherefores of attending university is to study their interest. It is especially about their future's.

Experience or Books

      Which is more important source, knowledge from experiences or that from books? I think the former is more important. It is because that experiences are the things being experienced. On the other hand, books give that only written in the books.

      There are many differences. First, experiences are experienced using all of the body, feeling, and brain. In contrast, information from books is through the eyes and thinks about it in brain. From these two points I can say that the knowledge gained by books is only the information from letter. There are no things using body. Second, we can touch with someone who shared one experience. There are many contacts in experiences. Oppositely reading book is one-man's work. That is; there is no chance to talk with someone. We can’t ask any question because books don’t have the ability of speaking and thinking. There is one thing that books can be to give a lot of knowledge written by someone. The knowledge that gained from books is someone (who wrote the book)’s opinion or thought or their study. In contrast, we experience experiences. I think this is the most important thing. We hardly forget the things that experienced and learned by myself. It is because these experiences give us so strong impression that we can remember for a long time.

      By the way, there are some similarities between these things. In the view of getting knowledge, these are same things. As I mentioned in the former paragraph, the knowledge from the books is gained by its writer. So we can consider his/her opinion as much as we want. Then, our viewpoints are spread and we will be able to think about it more and more. In this point, experiences and books are same. By experiencing, we may think about our mistakes, successes, and results very much. Therefore we assimilate so much things.

      Above all, I think experiences are more important than book. It has been said, "Seeing is believing". There are many things that we can know through the experiences. It is more than through the book. We can learn things that now happening. So I think experiences is the better.

Change in Your School

      Do you have any grumble in your school? I have some dissatisfaction in my school. I can give some examples: the class doesn’t satisfy my anticipation and so on. But what I want to say about this topic is the department of my school affairs.

      When I had some problems in my timetable of this school, I went to there to solve those things. I expected that they would solve my problem easily and relieve me. But they broke my hope. The system of registration was changed in this year so most of students were very confused that most of us asked them how to check and register the timetable. I knew the staffs were tired of this problem but this problem was so serious for me because if I fail this operation, I can’t take any lessons. Ultimately, although this work was succeeded their attitude was so terrible that made me angry. I (my parents) spent so much money to enter and enroll this school; school expenses and fees, ticket of trains and so on. The staffs’ wage is using money that paid by us. If there were no students in this school, they can’t live. I heard that some teachers also have some complaint and there are very alike things.

      I think this job is one of the services so they have to be more polite and courtesy. Why don’ t they go McDonalds and learn nice smiles and spirit of services? It is a good idea, isn’t it? This suggestion may not be realized, however, they must effort like this. If they do so, the environment of this school becomes more comfortable.

      I have a part time job and this job is a one of the services so I know what is the most important thing in services. It is the heart that to treat customers so gentle as possible as I can. I think this is the most important thing. When I treated so nice, I was so happy and I thought that I would come back again someday. In addition, when I treat the customer kindly, they smile and say thank you. I think this is the delight of this job. So, they have to change their mind and treat us more kindly.

      Above all, the department of school affairs is the work that is kind of services so they have to have more consciousness of that and to be better. If it worked, I can spend college life better than now and the staff also can.

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