Spring 2003

Essays by Mizuho F.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on June 20, 2003

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Reasons for Attending College

      I think the reason people attend college or university is for their prospective job and raise their cultural level.

      We live in an age of a society which sets a greater value on the academic career of an individual than on his real ability. I think people who is a junior and a senior high school graduate don't have capacity enough to work at a company,though one cannot make that kind of sweeping generalization. If a company needs person like them,even working students may do the same tasks. Actually,my friend who began working at a securities company after she graduated from a senior high school has only simplicity tasks. I heard she always receives telephone from clients and time hangs heavy on her during working time.

      Then,at the university they can study a special study. At a senior high school they study many subject widely and couldn't expand their interests. Having expert knowledge help them when they search for a job.

      I think they can meet many types of people and make good human relations,too. They don't meet only people about them age. University students have much time to think about themselves such that what should they do while they are in university or college,about future,etc.

      For that reason I think people go on to university or college.

Experience or Books

      There are some similarities of "Experience and Books" as regards learning lots of knowledge. It has been said, "Not everything that is learned is contained in books", and I think that it is right.

      We can acquire knowledge through seeing something in the same way. In contrast, we have more strong impression on our mind from experience than from books. Learning from books we get information using eyes. While, learning from experience we use our body. When you take up a sport that you've never tried, you should challenge by yourself than you learn about it from seeing.

      As I mentioned above, although it is the same in acquiring the knowledge, I think that it is different in point of a process that we learn.

Change in Your School

      It is one year and over since I enter this university, and I am getting to know about my school gradually. Last year I heard from my friends, who are the same department, this department classes are different from their expectation before they admitted to the university. Actually I have the same opinion. I think that the English Department has not many classes worthy of the name, and there are some problem about classes, such as short of native speaker teachers, the small numbers of classes which I have interests, and so on.

      I mention that there are few classes that native speaker teachers give lessons. Last year I have two classes, and this year I have one class of them. I think that I can take more classes of them in second year. But I could not take one class for completion a university course. Students who are taking French and German as a second language learn them from Japanese teachers. On the other hand, students who are taking Spanish acquire from native speaker. My friend who is a student of Language-Culture Department studies Chinese from Chinese teachers as well, and her skill has greatly improved in just one year. To study English by Japanese teacher also has lots of merits. So, I think that combination that we can take both classes is important.

      As another problem, I suppose English Department classes are boring. There are too many lecture classes. While, Language-Culture Department has many interesting lessons that students can study in few people, as far as I read a timetable. Compared English class between English department and Language-Culture Department, English Department encourages students in ability to read and understand. So, I think that it is good to increase few people lessons.

      As I mentioned above, every student has problems about own school. I think that university had better listen to students' comments and add improvements.

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