Spring 2003

Essays by Remi S.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on June 20, 2003

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Reasons for Attending College

      Today, many people attend college or university. Why they attend there? Though people attend college or university due to many reasons, mainly they go to university to get knowledge and to experience many things. Of course I attend university for same reason.

      First, in university we can get both expert knowledge and general knowledge. In my case, I am majoring in language especially in English. And I study not only English but also study Japanese and Spanish. I take History, Biology, Physical Education, and so on in school. I think that I can study wider and deeper in here than in high school. This is one of the reasons why people attend college or university.

      In addition, we put our acquired knowledge to get some licenses. Now I take course for teaching profession to go into teaching. Like this, to get some licenses work advantage when you get a job in the future.

      Another attraction of being a university student is we can get acquainted with many people. This is second reason why people enter into college or university. We can meet various types of people on campus. There are many student come from all over the world there. It is precious experience that we can come to know people who is different from us(different thinking, different lifestyle, different background and so on ), and then we influenced each other.

      Thus people attend college or university because of these reasons. They want to get a lot of knowledge and to experience many things through campus.

Experience or Books

      We experience a lot of things in life. We get much knowledge in much way as long as we exist. Divide into two ways, there are knowledge gained from experience and knowledge gained from books. At all which knowledge is more important? Though both are very important, I think that knowledge gained from experience is superior to knowledge gained from books.

      There are good points and bad points in both knowledge in experience and knowledge in books. First, compare to knowledge from experience, knowledge in books is only the things that in one's head. I think that knowledge from books is lacking in reality. Think about cooking for example, we only know how to cook from books but we get both dish and the way to cook when we cook in real. That is to say knowledge from experience occurs some results.

      Knowledge gained from experience is only from own action, behavior and things. On the other hand, we can get many knowledge which through various people's experience from books. We can feel that we live another life by reading books. We also can touch different way of thinking and feeling by books. However, own experience is stay strongly in one's heart and it influenced one's life so deeply.

      Popularly, it is said that failure is avenue to success. It means that we lean important things for success by experience in mistake. That is to say the proverb says that to practice is important thing to do what well.

      In conclusion, I think that knowledge gained from experience is more important than knowledge gained from books on the basis of such ideas. Although writings give us a large stock of knowledge, it is all there is to it. Actual experience makes ourselves. Practice makes our character, our lifestyle and our own history.

Change in Your School

      Are all students really satisfied in his or her school at all? Regrettably, I do not think so. I believe that differ in degree but most students have some complaint or suggestion on their school's system. Same as them, I have a suggestion about my university, too. I am a student of Dokkyo University. I would like to observe my opinion about my school.

      If I could make a change in my school, I want to change the system of the Department of School Affairs. I will make it more useful for student. Concretely explain the idea; I want to change their operation time. I am sure that if the Department of School Affairs operates in lunchtime, we can use it more usefully.

      First, I express the system at present. The department takes break time on same time as student's rest time. However, we are eager to do some work at the Department of School Affairs in our break time. We want to do that because we are in class in other time. I often heard my friends say like this in front of the window of school affairs after his or her class finished. "Oh! I forgot that the inquiry office is closed in this time. I cannot transaction this formality today. It cannot be helped. I am going to do this tomorrow."

      These are points that why I think it is better to change. It cannot to say the facility works well for students in such case as this. School should have an examination of this problem. I think that school is the institution for students. So it is nonsense being of no use for them.

      For these reason, I want to change the system of the Department of School Affairs to more convenient to students. If it will change, students may be pleased. University should take more students requests in and try to improve school. It should reinforce the system of attending students' voices to make school better.

      We will have more comfort life when the problem improved. I hope that the system will change near the future.

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