Spring 2003

Essays by Rena K.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on June 20, 2003

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Reasons for Attending College

      In our country, many people go to the university or a college today. I believe that there are two main reasons people go to a university or a college. The reason people matriculate in a university or a college is to study more advanced contents and to get a good job that they expect that they want to be employed.

      First, we are able to learn more advanced things in a university or a college. We can study more deeply what we are interested in. Also, we can study more special contents. If someone wants to become a specialist, he had better go to a university or a college to study more deeply.

      Second, people enter a university or a college to have a good job. Our country is an advanced nation. Society needs people who have more advanced knowledge. Therefore, many companies tend to employ people who graduated from the university than people of low school education. People who want to have a good job need to go to a university or a college.

      In conclusion, many students attend many reasons. I believe, however, a lot of people go to a university or a college for these two reasons.

Experience or Books

      People have gained knowledge mainly from experience and books for a long time. Compare to both two sources, it can be said that they have some similarities and differences. But, in my opinion, to gain knowledge from experience is superior to books.

      There is a resemblance between experience and books. For example, we cannot gain knowledge only from one of these two sources. That is to say, we have to learn by experience something and also by reading books to live. Both are very important sources for all people.

      On the other hand, experience and books have some differences. For instance, reading books can extend our view. It is because there are many books in the world and they contain a lot of ideas of many people. In contrast, it can be said that the amount of knowledge that one can gain from experience is very limited. But there is no gainsaying the fact that knowledge from books lacks reality. People need to gain more practical knowledge because we are alive in actual world, not in imaginary world like books. In other words, we had better gain knowledge from experiencing something than reading books. By experiencing, we can study applying. For example, we cannot ride a bike by reading books that are written about how to ride. We can ride a bike only by practicing riding.

      In conclusion, I think that knowledge from experience and books have similarities and differences. It is true that reading books is a good way to gain knowledge for us, but I believe that to gain knowledge from experience is better than that from books because experience has reality.

Change in Your School

      Today, a lot of people are smoking in Japan. Of course, many students in my college have a habit of smoking. They smoke a cigarette on the school ground. Some students are smoking in front of the school building. Others smoke while they are walking. I believe that we should forbid smoking in our university for some reasons.

      First, it is said that to smoke is bad for not only smoker's health but also non-smoker's health. Some experiments show that passive smoking is more detrimental than smoking. In other words, if people who do not want to smoke are near those who are smoking, they probably have to suck more dangerous smoke rather than a smoker. Smoking is incriminated as the major cause of lung cancer and other serious diseases. That is to say, some non-smokers would be sick because of smoke that was from their classmate who was smoking in the college. Therefore, I believe that our university has to forbid smoking for this reason.

      Second, some students throw a cigarette butt out on the street. On the street of the college, we can sometimes find the cigarette ends throughout the school. I am sure that almost all the students want to study at the clean college. I agree that nobody wants enter the university that is messy. A fire may possibly break out in the school because of the cigarette butts. From my point of view, smoking is prohibited in the school for these environmental and safety reasons.

      There are many arguments for and against smoking. In my opinion, however, smoking must be prohibited in the college. It is because university is the public space that many people come to. If our college forbids smoking, I believe that our university will be more comfortable.

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