Spring 2003

Essays by Sanae O.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on June 20, 2003

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Reasons for Attending College

      Every year, a large number of people take an exam and become college student. Every year, regardless of age or sex, a great number of students study in order to enter the university. There are so many forms of the college like private, women' s, night classes, and foreign one. In the school,there are lots of human, even some people who is over fourteen, have married, and who leave home town and start a single life. Why people attend college?I think there are lots of reasons why people go there.

      First of all, a person who have already cherished own dream go to college, in order to deepen knowledge of one' s interesting subject for future job. That have their special sphere, professors who have inquired into the way closely. So, we can learn under the experts in the line. The lecture will be something valuable for then. It is approaching way for their future prospects.

      Second, a man who haven't known what they want to do yet attend university. For those , it is also nice one. It has some departments and we can experience various subjects. By doing like this, they may realize what they want to study more and more, even what they want to be in the future. It is the place that gives then a chance of possibility for the future. Third, one who attend it for the sake of getting qualifications, Like teacher, librarian. Most of the college or university have their own field of licenses.

      Next, there are few who go there because of thinking that graduation of it will give them something favorable for the job hunting. That is what used to be said. But now, they are not demanded like that, they are just estimated our experience during their college life.

      As I have mentioned above, people go to college by their own purposes and reasons. Everyone attend there with different mind, the difference is not matter. Because it gives us, one by one full of chances, potentials, and dreams. College is there to seek truth through learning.

Experience or Books

      We people, irrespective of age, have gotten lots of knowledge and grown up until today, and we must acquire it more and more from now on in order to do our life better. That will be profitable for us on all occasions. Then, what's man can do to get it? There are lots of chances around us to acquire it. By the way, all the knowledge you have now is learned by books? If you want to enlarge your stock of knowledge, all you can do is reading books? I think this is not true. Man can be taught through the actual events, like home, school, office, and one' s experience is also included.

     First, the knowledge based on experience is important things and have something reality, because that is their own one. People have gained it by undergoing the actual situation, and get to know the world. This is taken place with objects, however, I think that concerning human occupies importance. Because, we are human and we must not forget humanity, humaneness. But, you should not trust all ideas of yours, that may not be true, listen to what others says. Then, you will get something new one.

     Next, books give us the obvious knowledge which grounded on author's perfect logic. At this time, we are reader, and all we have to do is simply reading. By reading it, man may make a discovery, may be taken breath away. But, don't took the whole story on trust. This is author's idea not yours. You will do better to read products, and then make up your own thinking.

     As I have mentioned above, both of then are something that man can widen his information from it. I think, however, both the two have big difference. Reading books and given ideas is easy thing on the grounds that he is only a receiver. Sometimes experience various events and get new knowledge may be surely severe one. But, at that time, we are the subject, the knowledge founded on our experience has identity which make us human. Therefore, I think knowledge based on experience is more weighty.

Change in Your School

      Every year, having studied hard and a large number of people enter the Dokkyo University, having cherished various dreams and become a college student. I’m also one of them. But, when I come to think of present situation, I can’t say” I’m very satisfied with it.” If I could change one of our school systems, I will reform a organization of session.

     First, I think it is better to abolish determining lectures by a lottery. Because of this, many of the students couldn’t take lessons that one wanted to, furthermore, he had to have lectures that he didn’t hope to. We are a student who takes a particular interest in a subject. So, I think that we have a right to take class, which we are interested in. If we study the subjects in which take an interest, we will have more willing, accordingly we attend the class. Besides, In the case, there will be a few students who play truant. Indeed, by the way, there are some pupils who has found a new field on the ground of studying which he had no interest in at one time. I consider, however, the possibility of this case is not high. Because here is a university where we have entered having an ambition of studying.

     Next, I think that a system of full quota should be done away with. Because of this, necessity of determining lectures by lottery may happen. For example, in the case of the English department, if one wants to take lesson in which he communicates with foreigner, he talks in English, he may not take it. This means that he will not use English all the year around in casework. If this is done away with, problems like a decrease in the quota, increase in the prescribed number may arise. Then, a situation of  person of education side will be hard one. I think, however, that is not bad thing. Because, being like this, a side of teaching will probably make his lecture nicer one. Accordingly, I think, strength of whole school will be more excellent than now.

     As I said above, as a fact, there are some students who couldn’t register as one's wishes. I wonder that we can learn what we want to broaden our knowledge from professor.

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