Spring 2003

Essays by Shunichi K.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on June 20, 2003

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Reasons for Attending College

      Today,many people attend college and university.Why do they want to attend?I think most of them want to make their life better.I'd like to give some examples.

      First,people enter university to improve their some skill. University has a lot of faculties such as the faculty of literature,medical science,education,engineering,languages and so on.To realize their dreams,students choose the most interesting faculty.I am interested in intercultural communication.It is hard for me to study English every day.But continual efforts are a prerequisite to success.

      Second, some people belong to same club.There are many clubs.In university,clubs are called circles.Circles are not similar to high school club activities.They are attached to circles to enjoy drinking,talking and romping.I don't belong to any club but I want to sometime.

      In conclusion,many people attend college or university to see a lot of life.

Experience or Books

      There are various ways to gain knowledge, for example, to experience and to read books. The world is being flooded with a lot of books so you can get them easily and gain knowledge. Famous authors write various essays and stories. People may think gaining knowledge from books is the best way, but I think that knowledge gained from experience with knowledge is more important than from books. Now, I compare the two ways, to experience and to read books.

      First, I compare the different points. From books, they can obtain a lot of famous people's knowledge and it is easy to carry a book because it is so light. So they can read wherever and whenever. But I think that such knowledge is forgotten easily. If you gain experience by practice, it is hard to forget knowledge. To touch objects and act on their own initiative are very important. And then, you can't understand any troubles only reading books. To read books is only given much information passively so they can't choose likes and dislikes .Above all, books have author's subject. If you don't confirm facts on your own eyes, you have to receive author's wrong ideas. If many people read the same book, they only got the same information.

      And then, I try to see the same point. People can obtain good knowledge by both of them. Those surely make people's life happy. They are useful to make our life abundant.

      In conclusion, though you can gain only a little knowledge compared to books, I want to recommend for people to gain knowledge from experience.

Change in Your School

      My school, Dokkyo University, is one of Japanese Universities. I decided on Dokkyo because I heard this school education of English is very good. I have gone to this school for more than one year so I could see a lot of good points and bad ones. If I give one of bad points, it is an education of languages. Now, I'd like to bring some reasons to think so.

      Dokkyo University is famous for German studies. Professors are eager in their studying and teaching, but the German education as the second foreign language is not good. All lecturers are made of Japanese teacher though other languages' lecturers have some foreigners. I think that the best way to know foreign countries is to communicate with natives. So I suggest increasing native language speakers. And I want to be taught by young and energetic teachers. Almost all of the second foreign languages teachers are old people, so I always become sleepy. For example, my teacher is a stubborn old man and he stickle to a trifling matter, so classes don't go on. My friends skip their German class every week. And I think my German skill doesn't advance before lesson.

      Second, I belong to the Department of English but I think that English courses are very few. I anticipated that there are many English subjects. I wanted to listening to, write, and speak more English but I couldn't. Many classes are useless and dull to improve my English skill but there are some good lessons. These interesting classes intensely hold appeal for me. Their heads are very clear, so they know what they should teach and what students want to do. We are not tired of their clever art of conversation. All lecturers should imitate their way to teach.

      Above all, I think that my university executives should reform a language system as soon as possible, because this university's main feature is language. If they do so, this university may become the greatest university in Japan.

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