Spring 2003

Essays by Souta Y.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on June 20, 2003

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Reasons for Attending College

      Why people attend college or university? I think there are some reasons for it. Students decide to go on to college on their own free will. But the reasons are not the same.

      First,students go there simply because they think to keep being under education is easier way to get an occupation after graduating college. When schoolchildren are third -year high school students their teacher tell them to decide their way after graduating. And if schoolboys have nothing they want to do particularly as their job, they wander from place to place. But generally speaking,people get a work at least one time. So students think they had better get a job. Then they think it is the most safe choice to go on to education. Pupils hasten to intend to attend college.

      Second,boys and girls go there because they really need to go. They have already found something they regard as their future job. And to get the business boys and girls had better attend the university where they can learn about what they are interested in and prepare for doing the job.

      Third,this is a trivial reason. Students who go from this reason think that if they do not enter the next stage of education they have to work. It means that they are left to their own resources. They get no allowance from their parents. So they want to keep being student.

      As a conclusion, there are some types of children who intend to join college or university. But I think that not all people have to go on to college. What we have to do is to do what we want to do. We are not forced to do anything.

Experience or Books

      Knowledge is very important to send a life. There are some kinds of knowledge. Take for example, knowledge from books and knowledge from experiences. But which knowledge is more important one gained from experience or another from books ? I am going to think about the good point of each knowledge.

      First, books have much information about everything of everyday life such as politics, culture, hobbies, society, philosophy, and so on... After reading a book, you get some more knowledge and get more intellectual. Books give you a lot of common sense. They also enrich your vocabulary. To be a person with a lot of sense you better read books. The more books you read, the more information you will get. And when you get used to reading books your speed of reading will get faster. You will also understand the way of thinking of other persons. It means you will be able to communicate with other people better. Your vision power would get poorer if you read books in a dark place. But reading books is bery important.

      Second, experience gives you some hint to live wisely and makes rest of your life more meaningful. And what you learned from your experience will never be forgotten. A man who has many experiences is deeper than one who has less. The stronger desire to spend a substantial life you have, the more experience you will have. A person will change himself taking advantage of some new experiences. He will evolute. I think that even if we do not read any books we can live smoothly. But without experience we cannot live a humane life. There are many people who achieve great successes with little knowledge. They have many experiences. They survived a hard life. And there must be something which we can get only from experiences.

      Therefore, I think, what is learned from experience is more precious than what is from books. Books will increase your general knowledge. But we do not need to have much common sense. We should have the minimum knowledge about society and world. With the knowledge from experience we can survive though we can naturally get it as long as we are alive. A person who has gone through many hard experiences have deep ideas. So I think that knowledge from experience is more important than from books.

Change in Your School

      I am the student of Dokkyo University. This university has several problems. Now, I am going to take one of the problems. It is about smoking. In junior high school and high school the students must not smoke. But in this university, there are places where people are allowed to smoke. But some are smoking in the prohibited area.

      First, smoking is bad for health. It will make the percentage of becoming a lung cancer higher than non-smoker. If you want to spend a long life, you better stop smoking. Smoking also makes your teeth dirty and the wall of your room yellow. But it is not the core of this problem. What I said above is about the smoker side, not the people near the smoker.

      Second, a person who does not smoke usually hates even the smell of smoke. There are smokers who smoke while walking. It is very dangerous. The hot part of tobacco might touch our skin and hurt. Some throw the cigarette butt away. I hate to see them on the ground. And there are people who smoke in the dining room and the hall for many purposes. As a result, sometimes the space is very smoky and smells bad. I don’t want to go the place. Now, to solve the problem I am going to make one proposal.

      As a conclusion, I suggest that smokers who smoke in the prohibited area such as the dining room or the hall should be punished and take some legal penalty. If some penalty exists, smokers will not smoke in the punished area. This is a very simple mater. And it is also a problem that there are few separated room where smokers are allowed to smoke. I know one in the library the others are outside. So I think that one separated room for smoking in one building is necessary.

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