Fall 2003

Essays by Aki K.

First Created on December 19, 2003
Last revised on December 19, 2003

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Young People Teaching Old

      Do you think there is nothing that young people can teach order people? I disagree about this idea. I think even young have something that can teach older. I show some examples in the following.

      Recently, we have many convenience goods in our society. For example, we have mobile phone, personal computer, car navigator etc. Especially, mobile phone is used among many generation ages and E-mail is more popular to connect with other people. Now we will not be able to live without mobile phone. These goods are very convenience but very difficult for older. From when young born our society is convenience. So young can understand how to use machine at once and have many place that they can learn and use while older can’t use easily. And some older don’t try to challenge because of complex structure and no chance to use. So older can’t be accustomed to use. Also we use ATM, sale machine of tickets, in the public institution, too. Some older may have trouble in this time, too. But in these situations, If young can teach how to use machine it is very helpful for older. Young is accustomed to use than older. Older had better cooperate with young about in this case. I have taught my grandfather how to use mobile phone before. He uses that for the first time. So he troubled about operation. After I taught, he can use a little but actually he can’t understand completely. Still, machine is difficult for older. So I think that it is important to help them and give chance that they are taught the way and then older become use, too.

      In my conclusion, I think that young can teach older. The idea that people learn from only older is not obtain in present day. Surely older live a long time and experience many things than young so older can teach many things. But young can teach various things too. If older aren’t taught by young may don’t use in their life except some case of necessary and have no chance of seeing the new machines. For using these machines, society is expanded. So people need to adapt growing society because our society have more convenience and many machines from now on. For we solve this problem, we must improve this environment and all people can use machine to live comfortably.

Playing and Winning

      Recently we play various sports and whenever we play sports games it has win and loss. Now do you agree that playing a game is fun only when you win? I disagree this idea. Surely, a game that you win is very fun and good. But lost game should have various meanings, too and we may get more important things.

      For example, we have athletic meeting in the school once a year. Students will practice hard in cooperation with their friends for winning games. Practicing is hard but everyone can gradually unify. I think that practice change from hard to pleasant and if they can’t win, they are able to satisfy with that result. Because they did their best and I think that they enjoyed playing games. Actually, they lost but if they really enjoyed they must feel fun. This experience is good memories for them. It is very important. But if they didn’t do their best, they may don’t feel fun. They need to practice before games and do the best. Also they feel fun with friends than alone. Even thought they lost games, that is good.

      Next, we have last game in the club in school life. Students can’t play any more in same situation. So they may think that must want to win. But consequently lost. It is regrettable that lost the last game then. But later, I think that they will think that the game is good and good memories. Playing hard is fun and become their pride. They will remember the game as winning.

      In my conclusion, I don’t think that playing a game is fun only when you win. Actually, winning is fun, lost game isn’t fun. But there is not everything in sports game and only winning isn’t pleasure. We may sometimes feel that lost game is fun. It is not always important to win but to enjoy games for us.

New Product

      If can you invent something new, what product would you develop? Today, we use many convenient products everyday. Now we may not be able to live without these products. But I think that we have desire that product become more convenience. I have this desire, too. We can’t satisfy present situation for long time. Then new products are invented one after another. So I think new product. This is suggestion that I want to invent products.

      The product that I want to invent is about shopping carts. Usually we take products in the carts during shopping in the department stores and wait long time in the line and pay in the cash desk. This is usual, but very troublesome thing. When department is congested with shopping people, we have to wait more long time. I have waited long many times, and have thought troublesome anytime. I think that everyone thinks same. If this problem is solved, we may be able to go shopping more easily and comfortable.

      So I had an idea. The idea is that we can see the price when we take products in the carts. First, We put products into the carts have the count machine. Then the price of each products that we want to buy is counted by the count machine when we take products in the carts. And the machine adds each price whenever we put. Of course, adds consumption tax. So until we finish shopping, we can see the total price. If this cart is invented, we don’t need to wait long time and don’t get in a bad mood. It is very convenience for us and helpful for employees. After shopping, we go the cash desk, and we only pay. This is wonderful!

      In my conclusion, actually If this shopping carts are invented, it is very helpful for everyone. We are growing in very convenient age and are now. So people may look for more convenient products. From now on we will invent many machines. Actually I don’t know whether products realize or not. But it is important for us to image and try to realize. Through this attempt, our society is developing more and more.

Resources Disappearing

      Now we use many natural resources in many ways. But resource of the earth is gradually disappointing because we waste at random. For example, tree. Recently tree is disappointing suddenly.

      Tree is used well by building house and making furniture etc.. Now Tree is the necessity of our life. When we build house need many trees. So we cut down trees. Everyday tree is cut down. But it cost many times to grow big tree. If we have the indiscretion to cut down, tree is disappointing more and more and completely disappeared. We will be puzzled for tree.

      Then, What is happened to us if tree is disappointing? First, as I mentioned above, we can’t build wooden house and make every wooden products. If wooden product is disappeared, we live inconvenience.

      Second, if tree on the street, school, and park is disappeared, we fell solitary. Tree makes us mend our heart and enjoy seasons. For example, OHANAMI, red leaves etc. are customary events for Japanese. And finally, this is the most important thing, we breathe in oxygen and out carbon dioxide. Tree breathes carbon dioxide that we breathe out in reverse. Therefore if tree is disappointing, amount of carbon dioxide is increaseing. We can’t breathe fresh air. Furthermore, because of carbon dioxide the ozone layer is destroyed. If the ozone layer is destroyed, we bathe ultraviolet rays directly. Also it causes global warming, too. Actually the temperature of the earth is rising. This is very dangerous and big problem is concerned with human survival if damage is increasing beyond present situation. We never cause these problems.

      In my conclusion, we must not waste tree. Of course, we must not waste not only tree but also other resources. We need to use these resources, but it is sure that these resources are disappointing. So we need to think that resources are very valuable. And the most important thing that we must do is protecting resources.

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