Fall 2003

Essays by Asuka K.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on December 19, 2003

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Young People Teaching Old

      Have you taught older people when you are young? Ordinary, it supposed that those, who have a lot of knowledge and do right thing is the older. The young is treated as less of knowledge and being lack of common sense. However, today young people have much information than that of older people has. In my opinion, young people can teach older people because they have what older people don’t know. I think young people have much thirst of for knowledge, therefore, they can teach older people.

      First, I mention that the young has ability to get much of various information using quite new tools like the Internet, E-mail or mobile phone. When new information comes, they often get the information earlier than older people, and then, they exchange information each other… class mates, E-mail friends over the world and so on. In contrast, older people don’t have enough ability to handle new information tools. Although, some old people exchange information like young people do well, the rapidity at which they acquire the use of new information tools is not so fast than that of young people.

      To say from biological viewpoint, certain part of brain, which makes people learn abundant thing, work well when people young but as it getting older, people find hard to put new thing into the brain. Actually, cells in brain, which let people memorize information, start getting fewer over the age twenty. For example, business through the Internet has been popular recently and young boss manage most of these companies. Through the Internet, they have good communication with even overseas consumers. Some of then appeal him/herself and some try to introduce Japanese culture. Young people know how to communicate well with others who is away from him/her, who is quite younger than you and how to use foreign information on time.

      As I mentioned above, today young people do great things using communication tools that is difficult for older people to use. Even if old people have lots of knowledge, they should contact with young people and try to acquire new information, be popular with new culture. If you handle these tools, you will get to know with people overseas even using no foreign language. Each generation should exchange their experience and information.

Playing and Winning

      What do you playing a game for? I suppose that you playing a game to enjoy your time and to share excitement with your friends. What makes you feel the game fun is not only winning. I will tell you the two important things that you should do when you playing a game, and you can have more enjoyable time playing a game with your friends.

      First, you should follow some rules. All the game has some rules. If you want to win the game, you should play properly and do your best in norm. If you break the lure, you can’t participate the game because person who is against the rule breaks the game simultaneously. If it has not been for lure, game will be disorder and you will feel the game bored. In the athlete’s world, to break the lure is called “Foul” and person who does foul is forced to retire from the game. For instance, in The World Championships held in 2003, France, one American athlete runner was regarded as playing Foul. He had done premature start only once and forced to give out the race. He had been making protest against the judgment however, he couldn’t help retire from the game.

      Secondly, you should enjoy playing game with others. If you don’t enjoy playing, game doesn’t make any sense. To give an example, once, there was a boy who retires from the high school’s soccer team. He was eighteen years old, dreaming to be a pro-soccer player. His soccer team get final match of Japanese high school championships and he was the reader. At the semi- final match, his team won the game leading one score, however, there had been an argument whether the judgment was proper. In consequence, he gave up playing soccer because he lost confidence to lead the team properly. He said that he couldn’t continue playing with no confidence with his teammates. He couldn’t trust them and couldn’t enjoy playing soccer with his teammates anymore.

      As I mentioned above, there is nothing important than keeping the rule and enjoying the game with others. Winning itself is not an object but it is just a reward for your efforts you have made for the game. Therefore, you will be satisfied with your achievement even if you lose a game as long as you have done your best. What makes you feel game fun is spending time with others and doing your best in a game.

New Product

      If I invent new thing, I will make something environmentally friendly. There have been a lot of environment problems so we need to do something good for the earth. Japan has been developed rapidly in economic and industry section since 80’s. Because of this, people have becoming high standard of living and materialist. We have not been care about eco system at all. In order to live environmentally friendly, you should use “flying board”, it is eco-vehicle like a solar car. Let me explain the advanced points.

      First, I will mention that flying board needs no license. Flying board is very similar to skate board so you don’t need any special technique. Any of you can use this eco-vehicle and this point can promote our awareness of environmental problems. Secondly, flying board is useful in the morning. We all go to school or office everyday since we were born until retirement, using train, bus, car or bicycle. Most people use train in urban life because traffic jam is hard to avoid and riding bicycle take a lot of time. Train is however, very stressful in morning time because we should endure standing very close to many strangers, being crushed with them in small boxes for minutes. Flying board enable you to through out clouds and get to school early. Thirdly, flying board is good for your health. Many of people are lack of exercises and they have no time even for their rest. You can take a flying board anytime, anywhere. Only what you have to do is switching on the board and take a balance on the board. You can take an exercise easily on a flying board on the way to school. Fourthly, flying board is environmentally friendly. This board doesn’t make exhaust gas because its energy is solar. Solar panels on the flying board can charge solar power when you put it outside. While solar car needs a lot of solar power, we can use flying board with a few powers.

      As I mentioned above, flying board has many of advanced points. We should do something good for our planet and this can make our lives truly abundant. Environmentally friendly goods make our lives more enjoyable and flying board is exactly this kind of thing. Flying board promise a nice life and good future of the earth.

Resources Disappearing

      Now a lot of resources are getting fewer and fewer. I give warning you the danger of losing clean air. Every minute we human being are breezing air and keeping our lives. Clean air is necessary for everyone however, we have poisoning our resource of lives for years. We have to be aware of air pollution and save the air.

      Problem of poisoning started ten of years ago. For 40 years, people have made effort to produce new thing or convenient thing because they wanted to be well off. To make new product, people cut off a lot of trees, clear the land, built a many plant. Chimneys puff out dirty fog and people rode cars and make poisonous air. After since 20 years, poisoned environment had been making signals for people. For example, asthmatic had increased rapidly in town near the plants. In Kawasaki, Kanagawa prefecture, Children were not able to run about a ground and even adults were getting weak. The cause of problem was poisonous air come from factory. This air contains chemicals and damaged peoples’ health. It takes many years to make air clean. We are cutting trees, making many buildings and riding cars. These customs goes on. However few trees absorb the air called CO2 and make O2, exhausted gas from cars destroy these trees. If we plant the trees, there is no space to grow up trees and it takes ten of years. Making air clean takes a lot of years and we need to change our lifestyle. If we continue to present lifestyle, situation goes bad. Air will be polluted more, and all the children will be asthmatic and they will not be able to run about at the outside. People may have to take air mask and they may have to spent the day in houses. Before situation get bad, we should take actions and save the air.

      In consequence, air pollution is serious problem and we should change this situation. In order to save our children and ourselves, we should save the air, make clean air. Air is our life resource and human being can’t lose this important thing.

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