Fall 2003

Essays by Ei S.

First Created on December 19, 2003
Last revised on December 19 , 2003

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Young People Teaching Old

      There are a lot of things that we learn in life. The way to learn is many and various, too. Especially, learning from older people is typical of it. But the reverse is also true. Namely there can be the knowledge that we learn from young people. So I don’t agree with the idea that there are nothing that young people can teach older people. I would like to state the later cases though it is less than the former cases.   

      Firstly, young people have the power by the name of youth. An older person appears to lack it. So older people can get back the power through getting in contact with young people. This may be a little different from main idea. But, the power is absolutely an irreplaceable power to person. So, it is not too much to say that young people can teach older people this respect.

      Second, young people can teach older people many present-day things. How is the vogue? For example, in the case that grandchild gives his grandmother fashionable clothes on her birthday. If she is interested in the latest styles in fashion,

Playing and Winning

      I have experienced a plenty of game when I was junior high school student through the club activity. There were many games, which were very important, or a practice and so on... Generally speaking, a game makes superiority or inferiority clear. So people should make an effort to practice and do their best in a game to win. But I don't think that winning is everything in life. So I disagree the thought that playing a match is fun only when you win. I would like to state a case of when he win and lose in a game.

      First, speaking of a case of when people win, they can acquire confidence in themselves. It is very important for man because it plays an important part when he forces into a tight corner and leads his fine play. And then there are also view person can look only when he win. It is beyond my description. But, it is certain that they make great strides through the experience. Moreover if he plays a match with a partner, the bons between them may deepen more.

      Second, speaking of a case of when people lose, I think this case is much important than above case. Person learns a various things in loss game. And then a man makes rapid progress. Person who doesn’t know the importance of loss game can never go to the top. Even if people who learn something in loss game and then makes an effort can’t achieve their goal, the process is irreplaceable for them.

      As I said above, a loosen game also has many meanings for him. So I don’t agree with the idea that playing a match is fun only when you win. Thinking in the true sense, loss game is much interesting than winning game. But in reality, person is likely to think that winning match is important. Of course it is true. But I want them to understand the things beyond loosen game.

New Product

      If I invent something new, I invent “four-dimensional pocket”. This is wonderful item, which enters the “doraemon” world, and produces a plenty item which grants people’s wish. It is invented in 22th century in anime but in reality, it is impossible. However, I am dreeming invention of it. So I would like to state some items, which I want to invent, and the reason.

      First, I want "everywhere door". It is the door that takes me everywhere I want to go in a moment. It is very convenience for me. For example, when I rise late, it brings me to my class in a moment and in a case that I want to trip anywhere, I can go without paying travel expenses. But in a case of going to abroad, I can go without passport so I must be careful of possess it.

      Second, I want “takekoputa”. This item enables him to fly about in the sky. It is what I want the most since I have had a dream to fly about, as I like. But those who use it simply for movement as “everywhere door” is more convenience than this item. For example, if he uses it, he gets dripping wet when it is rain. Namely it is item to enjoy flying in the air. So he enjoys seeing view from the upper air and flying with birds and getting a thrill and so on…

      As I said above, we can take all sorts of items of “four-dimensional pocket”. There are many ways to use them. In this place, creativity is the best important. The more creativity the user has, the more ways he uses it in. So I think it is interesting that there are “four-dimensional pocket” in this world.

Resources Disappearing

      Today, there are all sorts of animals in this world. They have each ancestor, which means a link of life. Animals exiting in the world now play a precious role in the sense of preserving the link. So there are no species that is not important. But, to the contrary, the present ecosystem consists of evolution and extinction of animals. Taking it into consideration, there may be nothing for disappearing, as it is a dispensation of nature. However, it is unpardonable that animals are driven to disappearing by people. In this place, I would like to give some example of animals, which are in danger of extinction.

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