Fall 2003

Essays by Hazuki N.

First Created on December 19, 2003
Last revised on December 19, 2003

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Young People Teaching Old


      When you are young, don’t you think that there are many opportunities to learn? Teaching is told and shown that a partner does not know. It is only merely few things that he knows, when compared with the information on a world. I don’t agree that there is nothing that young people can teach older people.

      One of the reasons I live with my grandmother. She questions me frequently. The method of a life is different from her time. Moreover science is progressing, I can teach operation of a machine. For example, remote control of television, mobile phone, washing machine, microwave oven and so on. Moreover, opportunity to meet people decreased as she grew older, and the world also becomes narrow. Therefore, I teach her new knowledge and new information in many cases.

      The second reason、I think that almost we learn from old people is their many experiences. The longer they live, much knowledge they have. However many people are ignorant about no concern of their life. Therefore the young teacher is teaching old one also by the cooking class. Thus, It is not rare. When a hobby is learned. In a familiar place, a work place is such a situation. Now, I am learning work at the part-time job place. Regardless of age, the long person of experience teaches a short person.

      The third reason, I’m studying the teaching profession. I learned the following thing in the lessons and I think so. Teacher can teach knowledge, but learned various things from a student.By touching the students of various character, I can study how with people to be concerned. And I can learned also the difficulty of teaching Like this student, he does not notice, he teaches something.

      In conclusion, there are many things that young people can teach older people. Age is not a problem. However old people may become, they can learn concern a partner.

Playing and Winning


      Winning is well, when it will be from lucky by chance or it will be as a result of efforts. Playing a game is fun only when you win. I don't agree this statement. Even if I did not win a game, I was fully able to enjoy myself. Various sports were carried out in the lesson of gymnastics. They are all decided that victory or defeat will be, such as a DOJJI ball, and soccer, baseball. However, I enjoyed. Especially the play at the time of a child was always pleasant. It is not related to victory and defeat.

      We use our heads how to entrap rivals and how to win when playing card game. Moreover, also in the game of a sport, victory and defeat pose a big problem. Players overcome hard practice, in order to win.  Winning is very wonderful. A feeling of achievement and a sense of togetherness can be experienced.

      But I think that winning is not at all. For example, in games, such as a monopoly, a life game and sugoroku fate is greatly concerned with a result. These games enjoy process rather than a result. It is so much valueless about victory and defeat. A bad result may be brought even if obsessed with winning it. In order to win, a hand may be soiled, or it may become frantic for winning and surrounding atmosphere may be worsened. I participated in the tug-of-war convention in the class of a school at the time like the fourth grader in an elementary school. We practiced after school frantic tug of war towards acting before the audience. However, since a partner did not come, the game is won by default for the first game. Twice, a partner is too strong and has lost at the game frankly. After winning without also carrying out a game then, it was truly pleased with having advanced to the game twice. However, since the game had lost too much simply twice, there was almost no feeling of achievement of having taken out ability. So I want to enjoy various games, without being concerned with victory and defeat.


New Product


      I think that the fall of eyesight is remarkable by the increase in a personal computer or a video game recently. The occupation using the personal computer increased by technical development, and there is less work using a personal computer.

      I have weak eyes. So I wear contact lenses all day long. For eyes, hard contact lenses are better than soft contact lenses, but my eyes don’t go with them. My eyes dried and I bought eyewash every two weeks. You also have to carry out disinfection every night. When compared before, there is also a new antibacterial and time and effort could be saved very much recently. But I have often slept, sticking a contact lens, since it was an idler. Although it will be what may not carry out disinfection, either if it is disposable contact, a price is high, and since it is an article of consumption, going to buy it is serious. However, with glasses, it will become very obstructive. Moreover, it is very inconvenient, when going by the contact lens to travel or going to stay with a friend. I have the case and antibacterial into which a contact lens is put each time. By way of precaution, I also have glasses. I may go to sleep, with glasses covered, and a lens will become dirty immediately.

      I think that the most important one does not require a burden for an eye. If it attaches to an eye directly too, a crack will tend to be made and it will also become the cause of dryness. I develop new goods, I want to make it the goods which can solve these things. If the problem of glasses is applied, it will just be going to change an impression.Therefore, I want for my frame to be transparent and to make the glasses of a clean lens.However, if the frame is transparent, the problem which loses glasses will come out. Furthermore, if the problem of glasses is applied, it will require a burden for a nose etc. Therefore, the material of a frame must be lightweight.

      Although eyesight is also enabled to recover by operation now, money is applied, and considering the possibility of failure in it, it cannot do not much freely. Although it is best that an eye does not become bad, it is difficult to make ideal glasses.


Resources Disappering


      Have you ever heard of a creature named a "king crab"? Today we have many animals and plants on the verge of extinction all over the world, although this king crab has the very highest danger of extinction. They are now important existence for man. We need to protect a king crab. The reason is not just decrease the number.

      One of the reasons, king crabs should be protected is because they are the animals that have hardly changed their figures for a very long time and are called "living fossils" that date back 200 million years. They inhabit a place where there is soft mud in a bottom and beautiful sands are located in ashore in the small bay distant from the open sea. Only the east side of the Asian Continent and East Coast of the North American continent are inhabited now Did you know that the king crabs also inhabited Japan? They inhabit the Setonaikai coast and the northern Kyushu coast.

      Another reason, the blood of the live king crab is medically very useful. Inspection of colon bacillus or salmonella had taken considerable time before. However, if very small quantity king crab blood used, results can be achieved in a short time. The control action to an AIDS virus is also confirmation. It is used when measuring food health and environmental degree of contamination.

      Human also drives the king crabs, that have been useful for a long time, without changing the figure until now, away to extinction. Because the decrease of king crabs is Protecting a king crabs means protecting the nature, because environmental destruction by human is the cause of king crabs reduction. The precious living thing that has been farther useful for a long time is on the verge of extinction because of human I think that they can be saved only by our efforts.


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