Fall 2003

Essays by Ikue T.

First Created on December 19, 2003
Last revised on December 19, 2003

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Young People Teaching Old

      Cannot young people teach anything to older people? I do not think so. For sure, what young people learn from older people is very large. However, I believe that older people are also able to learn from young people.

      At first, I will think things that young people can get from older people. Older people have had much experience through their long life. They realize various things as actual experience. For example, there are many jobs that need practical skill. A cook may be able to have a good skill of cooking, as he grows old. A carpenter is sure to be a man of skill with age. Older people are mastering their specialty much better than young people are. They can teach or tell the skills to young people a lot. In addition to this, they have known from both bitter and delightful experience. I think that they know how to live better than us. Especially we can learn from a man ripe with experience. Young people should be willing to lend their ears to advice of old people. They can get many important things without fail.

      Next, I think things that young people can teach older people. Generally speaking, young people are more flexible than older people. Compared with old people, almost of all them have quick wits. They are able to absorb new information or create ideas faster than older people are. For example, young people are good at using computer. Nowadays it is not rare that older people go to PC school and be taught by young teacher. In business older people can get useful and profitable ideas from young people. For, young people seem to be able to plan something new or design something fresh by the side of older people. Some older people may think that they do not want to hear of opinion of young people, and accept their support. Others are ready to be taught by young people and soak up something valuable for themselves from young people.

      In conclusion, I think both of them can and should teach to each other. Both what young people learn from older people and the contrary are very important. To live better in modern life it is essential for us to cooperate with one another.

Playing and Winning

      Is it only fun to win the game we attend? In my estimate, there is a lot of fun even when we lost a game. If I had a good time during playing a game, it is always interesting for me. However, when I was a child, my mind was different from a present one.

      A long time ago, when I was a child, I used to play game with my family or friends. For example, we played a card game or sugoroku. When I was about to lose or had lost the game, I sometimes became ill tempered. We also often play sports like table tennis or boring. In my infancy I was so unyielding that I was often out of sorts after losing the game. In losing to my friends, I managed to control my temper. However to my shame, I would cry from time to time when I lost to my family members. Only when I won a game, I was in a good humor. Therefore, my family was sometimes defeated for me on purpose. I remember bothering my parents. Now I am sorry for my selfishness to my family. In any case for me at that time, playing a game was for certain fun only when I won.

      Yet, as I grew up older, I came to have control over myself. Until now I have had various occasions for playing games. I had many win and loss. Of course it was regrettable that losing a game. However, there are always win and loss in a game. I realized that I could come off the winner by virtue of a loser. For instance, whenever I watch baseball games of high school students on TV, I genuinely think that a game is pleasant. After playing it most of the players have a bright look. If there are not win and loss in a game, it is worthless, I think. It is truly fun for us not to win the game but to enjoy playing it during the time. I surely feel happy even if I lost the game.

      In conclusion, if I lost a game but had a good time, the game is fun for me. We don’t play a game in order to want to only win the game. A game is what we enjoy playing. Whenever we play a game, I think it is important to enjoy the time we do it.

New Product





Resources Disappering

      Many parts of the world are losing important natural resources. In these days, we cannot see clean river or sea in the town. In my opinion, it is important for us to keep water clean. Why is it important?

      At first, polluted water is bad for our health. When my family lived in Nagoya and Sapporo, we would often drink tap water. However, it was not that the water was delicious. Sometimes when we traveled to the country, water there tasted very nice for me. Now we can never drink it as it is. I was surprised when I drank a sip of water at a restaurant in Chiba for the first time. It tasted somewhat strange. When we use tap water, for example, in cooking or making tea, it must be heated up once. So, we have to buy many bottles of water every week because it is necessary for us to drink water to take a medicine everyday. I would like to drink clean tap water and everyone living in Japan could drink it with a relief someday. I hope that more water in Japan becomes pure enough to drink.

      Second, there are not many fish in the dirty river. In dirty water fish cannot live comfortably. Today, fish are not seen in the river compared with the past. My town where I live now has a big river. I lived in other town when I was a child. Therefore I do not know how clean the river was in the old days. One day I talked with my friend who liked fishing very much. He often goes there to fish. He told me that the river was so pure when he was a child and there were more fish than today. He also said that fish were pure enough to eat. Nowadays, if he can catch fishes, he does not bring them home. For fish that are caught in the river cannot be eaten now. I think that it is very sad. I hope that the river becomes clean again and more fish come back there. Water in the river as well as it in the sea around Japan need to take back clean water. It will be comfortable for fish to live in clean water. Add to this, we can be secure to eat fish.

      Finally, what can I do to take back or keep water clean? I think that factories should not pour toxic chemicals into the river or sea. I often see rivers whose color are muddy green in the manufacturing quarter that are polluted our of a train. And we should not use detrimental synthetic detergent at home. Nowadays, new detergents that are not poisonous for water are sold. We should make use of those actively for clean water.

      In conclusion, environmental pollution is very serious problem for all of us. It is necessary to make water cleaner. In order to bring back cleaner water and not to make water dirtier than now, now is the time to take action.

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