Fall 2003

Essays by Kana Y.

First Created on December 19, 2003
Last revised on December 19, 2003

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Young People Teaching Old

      Can you teach something to older people? I regard older people as the ability of many things to be obtained from young people. As the proverb 'Years bring wisdom' in the present condition, the opinion of older people are made absolute. Of course, although it can be convinced to this, I also think that young people can let older people know. However, generally the young people tend to be seen insincerely and the view that young people can also let older people know has not permeated. About general knowledge, common sense, tradition, and the wisdom of a life, older people are actually far excellent. What thing can young people really teach older people? Then, I hit upon two points which young people can teach.

      In the first, it is about a adaptation capability. A time changes quickly and is progressing in quest of the new thing. Young people can just adapt themselves to this time. How to use a personal computer has many ways needed in a technical side. Older people should be taught it by young people. However, it cannot be adapted for a time only by it. Mental attitude that try to look at new things is the most important. Older people are puzzled the speed of changing a new time. Therefore, young people think that they can teach older people young men's viewpoints over a new time.

      In the second, young people can teach playing to older people. It is included that this play enjoys their life which gazes at life and which loses stress. Older people become more realistic, as things are known and play is impossible to them. They forget even how to play. The fact that the older people’s crimes are increasing now may be observed especially in relation to their inability to enjoy themselves in their playing. Young people can save from such a sad present condition by teaching older people.

      In conclusion, young people can let older people know from two points above. Moreover, opinion serious consideration of the present adult should be thought over and both opinions should be used. Then, all generations' symbiosis is materialized for the first time.

Playing and Winning

      What is fun for you? When do you feel fun? If you can know it clearly, you can answer the title "playing a game is fun only when you win or not?" The word fun for me means to feel satisfaction. I disagree with the title because even if I lost a game, I can be satisfied. How about you? Of cause I am really happy when I can win a game. But, the most important thing is a process rather than a result. I would like to show my ideas in detail.

      I belonged to the basketball club when I was a high school student. My team was not so strong. But we had a high motivation to winning. We tried to practice and train playing basketball hardly everyday. We had to get up early morning and clean balls. We continued the training after school also. However, I did not think I wanted to quite. The reason is that the training itself was so fun for me. We could encourage each other with the same motivation to win. In the end, we could not win the game even once. But, we could feel satisfaction well with our eyes crying. This tear did imply fun and satisfaction. Through this experience, I could learn the importance of a process. The process is to make efforts or keep a training. Moreover, to think each other is so needed for us. I was supported by my teammates.

      On the other hand, I think winning itself does not have an authority for human, actually. For example, in Olympic games, doping matters sometimes happened. People tend to be eager to winning and try to take doping. But, after these matters come out, most of players said, “ I regretted this action. I could understand that even if this action did not come out, I will not feel fun. The win itself does not have a meaning.” I was impressed this comment. Apparently, it is wrong although it thinks that a win has a terrible value. It is because a result does not exist without a process. Since in the case of these players processes were passed and only the results were obtained, they could not feel satisfaction. That is, as stated also like the point, there is no meaning in a winning itself. Since it does not go into a hand simply, it has a value.

      What I want to say is that a process is the most important thing for human. Please image the situation that we can always win games. If you can always get this situation, you may lose happiness to winning. You may become not to feel fun to win. If you can always win easily without a process, can you feel fun? I can say it is not always that playing a game is fun only when you win.

New Product

      I sometimes get so tired after having a part time job or going to school. I think that I do not move anymore. But we have to ride on a bicycle or trains where are so crowded. We have to drive a car to go home or somewhere. Owing to that, we get nerve strain. Don’t you think that we will get more tiredness before going home? I cannot stand this situation. Then, I want to invent the moving chair. I would like to explain this chair one by one.

      First of all, this chair is like a bar lift. People can choose the chair for a number. If people want to go home alone, they can choose it for one people. If people go somewhere with their friends, they can choose it for five people. The chair can move from the place where they ride on it to their houses or somewhere.

      Secondly, I would like to show the function of this chair. We don’t have to control it. It is OK that we nominate the place and just ride it. It can carry us to the place wherever we want to go. When we want to use it, we can call it by using a handy phone. If we send a message about a number, a place, a time to the chair’s company, it will come to the place where we are waiting for it. It costs cheaper than a taxi or a train. It is easy, isn’t it?

      Next, I would like to clear merits and demerits of the invention. The merit is that we can take rests while we go home. Before the invention appears, we have to walk, run, drive, get nerve strain and so on, even we got so tired. But we can do anything like sleeping, reading books and studying till getting home. What a great invention is!! Moreover, as for the drunken people, they can avoid dangerous situations. The accidents will decrease automatically. We don't have catch an enormous traffic jam or congestion.

      On the other hand, the demerit is that it costs too much because it is needed to install lines for the chairs in every road in Japan. In addition to that, someone has to watch all machines in order to avoid accidents everyday. Another one is that people tend not to do exercise. This means that the chances to walk, run and move will decrease if this chair appears. It is not good effective for human beings. We will tend to depend on easy life.

      In conclusion, I think it is needed for us even if there are some demerits. It can adapt to all generations. Even older people can go everywhere and spread action areas. I want to take rest as much as I can. We should spend time for ourselves effectively by this chair. Because of that, I really suggest this invention.

Resources Disappering

      When I visit the place where I lived in before, I was really disappointed. There are good old views for me. But, the park where I played well had disappeared. That park had a lot of flowers, trees, birds, grasses and so on. I could relax in the park over breathing fresh air. I remember that I read books, played with my friends, drew pictures of flowers. I have good memories to the park. However, I am watching a parking area instead of the park. There is so silence and cold. I cannot hear creatures' voice.

      Recently, we destroy many forests in order to get the gratification of our desires. We try to build high buildings, make parking areas, factories and so on. Many deserts appear in other countries. We tend to forget the existence of nature which is related with our environment deeply. I would like to assert the importance of nature for us and make you reconsider it.

      First of all, I would like to introduce the function of plant. It can always reduce CO2, which is made by us, and make fresh air. It can remove our stress and make us relax. If we walk in a forest, you can feel good, can’t you? We can also enjoy our life when we look at plants. Moreover it can stock water well. Plants suck moisture in through their roots. Because of this system, it controls the amount of moisture in forests and supplies moisture to us. It is very important for us to keep nature.

      Next, let’s imagine if all natures will disappear. We will get a lot of CO2 instead of fresh air. CO2 will destroy the ozone hole. Then, owing to that, global warming will happen. After that, what will happen for us? A lot of icebergs in the world will dissolve and this situation will make some islands extinguish. We will lose our island. In addition to that, if we cannot breath fresh air, a lot of people will get illness. How terrible these situations are!! Can you live in like this environment? We are under the necessity of keeping nature. The terrible world is coming soon.

      In conclusion, we must really keep nature for ourselves. We couldn’t find that to sacrifice natures cannot make benefits for us. Now we must reconsider what the real benefits for our life. Let’s think about how to help the life of nature!

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