Fall 2003

Essays by Keiichi S.

First Created on December 19, 2003
Last revised on December 19, 2003

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Young People Teaching Old

      Why cannot young people teach anything to older? I cannot agree with that. Of course, older people know so many things than younger people. But, it is not always same thing. Then, I will show you some reasons.

      I think that older people have much knowledge and they also know how to use and when they can use that. On the other hand, young people have less knowledge than older. Then many young people will try to know what they can do and how. Through this endeavor, we can discover so much new things that older don’t know. This is true, isn’t it? In contrast, older people do not think more about the things that they have already knew. In addition, they have confidence in their knowledge, so they will not do more efforts. That is, they cannot get more information than now. What is worse, having confidence in their knowledge, they don’ t listen young people’s opinion. I think this is the worst point in getting more knowledge.

      Young people have their own ideas that older cannot think of. It is very important thing. Having less knowledge than older had, young people can think new, unique, and creative ideas. As the proverb says, “remember your original intention”. This proverb is for older people or expert. Through communicating with young people, they may get new ideas or remind their original intention. In fact, older people who have thought that to know more about young generation’s mind try to communicate with young people. Doing so, young people accept them gladly like their friends. Naturally they respect older people as their boss or seniors. This is really important thing through the communication between young generations and old generations. If there were no respect for senior, this pattern communication would be broken.

      Moreover, young people are very sensitive and have strong interests to new fashion, food, trend, or something new. This is significant and characteristic thing. Generally, older people have less interest than young. In this point, young people have more knowledge than old. So it is not necessarily old people have much information than young.

      Above all, there are many things to learn from young people to old people. People have each idea and their interests and these are different. So young people have many things to teach older people. But when young people teach something to old, they do not have to forget the mind of respect. The mind that there is nothing that young people can teach to old people is out of date.

Playing and Winning

      Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Playing a game is fun only when you win. I can’t agree with this statement. It is because that I think a game is for fun in spite of the result. Through a game we can have happy time and have new friend. I will give you some examples.

      In my university, I take a class of physical education. We play basketball in that class. I played basketball when I was a junior high school student. There are some people who had played basketball before like me and the others are not. Some “played” people tend to play that like a club activity. That is, sometime they use abusive language against “not played” people. They stickle at win. I dislike such a thing because this is a class; this is not a club activity. There are various people in that class; who are poor at basketball, which have some trouble in their body, and more. To play basketball with fun, we have to have consideration mind to each other. We can say same thing about any other sports.

      Next, I would like to tell you my experience about my quitting the club. A year ago, I was belonged to one club in my university. This team was strong and strict. The goal of this team was only to win the league and national game. At first I enjoyed playing that sport, it was so fun to learn a new sport for me. Though, I could not understand the mind and the aim of that club. They only think about winning. When they lose at one game their face was so stern. I do not like that atmosphere so I quitted.

      Through the lose game, we can learn so many things and can have a meeting. And through the meeting we can discuss why we lose, what can we do further, and what should we do. Discussing many things, we can know more about each other and more be friendly. So we will be able to play more than before next time.

      What is more, we don’t care about the result when we were young. We play some sports only to have a fun. Originally, sports had born to have a nice time by people, wasn’t it? I really think so, therefore I can’ t agree the former statement. If I play some sport only to win it will be so dull and boring game.

      In my opinion, the game (especially in sports) is the thing that we have fun, pleasure, and more happy time. Then I think we can share nice time both winner and loser. There are no divisions that win or lose.

      Above all, I think that to play a game is fun only when we enjoyed. The most important thing is to play a game is to have fun with all of the members. We do not have to care about the result and winning.

New Product

      What do you want to invent something new? It is difficult question, isn’t it? I want to make a machine that likes a human, has a heart and so many useful items. Do you know “Doraemon”? I want to invent that!

      First, I would like to introduce what Doraemon has. He has pretty many tools. One of the famous item is the time machine. He came to present with using time machine. If I have that, I could go ancient time to know more historical things. Another useful item is the door that can take us everywhere we want to go. I think it is the most useful and convenient item. It is because we can go everywhere; foreign country, non-discovered place…and more!

      Second, Doraemon is a really nice guy. Of course he is a robot, but he has a human mind human taste. Everything is like a human except his appearance. Because he is a so nice friend, I can rely on him, he maybe treats us so kindly like our parent, brother, and friends. And also, he will give us some good advises. He will be our best partner in our life.

      Third, since he came from future he knows how maintains the environment. Now, we face on the many environmental difficulties and we hardly find the best way to overcome. On the other hand, he knew how handle these problems so he can give us to some available advises. Then we will get over these difficulties and we can make it better. So we can live on earth more comfortably and also forest or trees live comfortable more than now.

      Fourth, he must be known how people quit the wars. It is most important and necessary thing. Now, we are all worrying about the dangerousness of war. For instance, the movement of the Middle East is very serious problem. Many people injured or killed in a day. We have to stop it. But, we do not know how to stop the wars; it spreads all over the world, especially in Middle East. Since 9.11, the world affair is completely changed. Why are there many terrorists? Why are we human being repeat the cruel wars? How to stop it? We do not know these things. But he has already known. I think we need him. He can help us and loves peace.

      Above all, I think I want to make Doraemon. Though he is the animation character, he is a so nice robot. Then I want to invent Doraemon. He will help the earth and our future. There are many problems on the earth like environment, diseases, and more. However, he can show us how to overcome.

Resources Disappering

      Why are forests important resources? It is because forests are origins of many things like oxygen, water, and so on. So we have to save forests for our lives.

      Forests consist of a great deal of trees. What can trees do for our nature? Trees can make oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Oxygen is one of the most necessary things for almost all creatures on the earth. We cannot live without it and trees can also make foods like fruits. Fruits include many important ingredients that we need. Trees and other plants can make oxygen through that process.

      We kill forests for our own society or industry. We can live more comfortably or conveniently with non-nature things. It is not but thing for our life but in view of long-term span, it is same thing to suicide. It is because forests can play many parts: to make oxygen, to save cities by typhoon or other disaster, to accumulate much water. Moreover, forests are the house of many creatures like human and animals. If we do not have our home, could we survive? Do we have a right of depriving the other’s house for our own benefits? Is it right thing? Of course it is not. Then, why do we cut many forests? As I say, we cannot live without forests but we cut them, why?

      There are many reasons that I can guess. I would like to say one example. There are many people who think, “It is necessary to cut some forests for our lives. If there were no forests, we can transfer more quickly or we can go another city without any difficulties.” or some thing like that. I think it is true in fact, there are some places that faced these problems especially in developing countries. Differ from developed countries, the former countries might not know how important forests are and its importance. Or they have already known these things but they force to cut forests for their lives like earn money to live because they are poorer than other countries. It is really sad thing. They have to cut forests to survive. But it is not good thing; we have to find some useful way.

      There is one way I can suggest to save forests and people. We, human must help each other over the borders. For example, we Japanese pass some technologies to develop other countries. Now, many Iraqi people need Japanese systems and technologies instead of army. The army of U.S. has already destroyed the nature and killed people. The wars destroy the earth and nature seriously so we have to find another way to save suffering people like teaching many methods.

      Above all, forests are really important thing for us. The earth has lifetime like us, so killing many forests is same thing to hurt the earth. Then the earth’s lifetime will be shorter and shorter. That is, human beings and any other creature’s lifetime will be shorter as the earth. Is it good thing? Could we live on dirty earth? Are we happy? Forest can make or play important parts on the earth like I said before, so we have to save it and make them stronger than now because forests are origin of almost all creatures .

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