Fall 2003

Essays by Konomi N.

First Created on December 19, 2003
Last revised on December 19, 2003

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Young People Teaching Old


      I disagree with this topic. In these days, the technology has been grown up rapidly and many people have chance to use computer in daily life. Then we need to skills to use it. Young people are familiar with TV games, Play Station and so on. So it is easy for them to acquire how to use computer as well. In contrary to them, older people aren't familiar with TV games or computer. So it is hard for them to acquire expert knowledge without any help. I would like to give my opinion what young ones can teach something to old ones.

      My mother went to school to learn how to use computer last year. She had difficulty in using it at first, but she practiced hard over and over again. When she came home after school, she sat in front of her computer immediately and reviewed her lesson. She sometimes didn't know what to do next. Then she asked me how to do it. I have been using it since I was a junior high school student. So I get use to using it and I can give her a piece of advice. Thanks to school textbook and my advice, she can now use it for some extent without any help.

      Many older ones go to schools to get computer knowledge. We can see that young ones teach them to how to use computer there. I think that technology progress brought chance to young ones to teach how to use it to them. In order to make society comfortable, young ones and older ones respect each other and older ones should not criticize young ones. They tend to look young people fool or lazy, because some young modern don't have a job. Young modern have own character and I believe that they can teach some their special ability to them.

      Old ones give young ones a lot of wisdom. They have seen a lot of life and they know their view of life. I appealed to my mother for help, when I was disappointed. She consoled me and gives me good advice. She helped me so much. I think that listening to elders is very important for young ones to rethink themselves, know other method to resolve their problems and so on. Parents are worth respect, because they can teach many things to their children or young ones. I think that young people and old people give their own experiences each other and they get much information about each life. It is necessary for them to help one another and have kindness of heart. If they do so, their society will be more comfortable.

      As I mentioned above, there is something that young people can teach older people. Anyone who is young can teach something to older people. They also have to look up to their elders, because elders support them to make their life better.

Playing and Winning


      I disagree with the statement. Many people nowadays play various kinds of games. Some of them play tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and TV games to meet their appetite. Others play sports only to win games. I would like to give my views about playing a game is not only fun to do it, but also satisfy oneself.

      First, people play sports or do something to act their own body and meet their appetite. I belonged to basketball club when I was a junior high school student. I practiced hard everyday and played many matches in those days. Basically I like to play sports and games. When I had a match with an opponent team, I was positive that our team would win and I also wanted to beat them. It seems to me that I just played only to defeat an opponent then. I think that it is quite common for everyone want to win. But I do not think that playing a game is fun only when I win. Playing basketball is my hobby and my pleasure for me. I enjoy just playing it fundamentally and sometimes I want to win. So it is not important for me to win.

      Second, some people who play TV games only to win a game. For example, they only kill enemy and save fellow. They gain feeling of satisfaction to do it. I think that it is interesting to clear steps to save fellow. But the other side of the coin is that it is boring to kill enemy again and again. To those who like to do it, I think that it is fun when they defeat the enemy.

      There are many styles for people to play and get fun. I think that it is not interesting to only win. Those who think playing games are fun only when they win sometimes need to forget it and know pleasure of process. Then they will more satisfy to have known enjoyment. For example, let me suppose you have a basketball match with an opponent team and you want to beat them very much. If you have any knowledge of basketball and you are beaten hollow, I think you will try to practice basketball hard to win next match. Then you won't know enjoyment the process of playing basketball but also improve your ability. I'm sure you get more fun to do this, because you notice the importance of process.

      As I mentioned above, I don't say that playing a game is fun only when I win. I like to play sports or do something to act my own body and meet my appetite. I think that it is best way to enjoy games without thinking win and it is important to respect process.

New Product


      If you could invent something new, what product would you develop? Everyone wants to make own invention to satisfy his or her desire. If your invention of imagination could come true, everyone will be happy. If I could invent something new, I would like to make a machine, which we can know whether there are aliens in the space or not. I think that it is a very interesting invention for everyone and me wants to know the existence of aliens. Now, I would like to explain my invention in detail.

      First, I go to NASA to talk with one of development departments. Then I suggest them to my project and we consider deeply how we can invent a machine together with them. If I have had much money, I would make an investment. I think that everyone who lives in the earth has curiosity about the existence of extraterrestrial and imagines about this. That's why this invention is needed for us to find aliens and meet our desire for them. I will make a big machine, because I examine infinite space.

      Second, if I finished my invention, I would try to find extraterrestrial. I guess this is a tough job to find them, but I surely do it. If I could find extraterrestrial, I would contact them and teach us about earth. I think that they would have surprising information and this is a very big progress for our nation. Basically, I'm interested in space and I want to know the end of space before I die. If this development succeeded, I'm very happy. I want to go to space someday and contact extraterrestrial. I also want to live another planet for a short time. I believe that difference culture will stimulate each other, if someone or I could find extraterrestrial.

      Why do we have curiosity about space and want to go there? Because some are interested in the existence of extraterrestrial, others are interested in width of the universe or search other planet. I want to know the above-mentioned thing very much before I die. So I really want to invent a machine, which we can know whether there are aliens in the space or not.

      As I said above, my development is a very good plan. People in all over the world want to know the existence of aliens. I believe that we will know whether there are aliens in the space or not someday.

Resources Disappering


      We use oil, coal and natural gas the most in the world now. These emit carbon dioxide, which causes global warming when they burn. Then it advances global warming and some experts expect the effect of a freak of nature or raise sea water surface. Some developing country makes full use of woods for energy. Moreover, the issue is that combustion of woods and forest deforestation makes increase of carbon dioxides. So we need to protect forest, decrease consumption of fossil energy and development of new energy. To make our live better, we need to do such a thing. Well, I would like to express my thinking about the importance of forest.

      Why can we live on the earth? Because we can breathe fresh air from forest, we can live comfortable. They emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide without cease. Have you ever thought what happens if forest would more decrease than ever? If it happens, we will not be able to live comfortably. This causes global warming and happen strange phenomenon of nature all over the world. This means the effect of occurrence of a freak of nature, production of agriculture, ecosystem and safety of nation. We use much oil, coal and natural gas to maintain economy activities and our life now. But we need to cut the amount of fossil fuel to prevent global warming or we need to plant many trees and make them spring up to make oxygen.

      The issue is whether advanced nation and developing countries can stop social and economy activities and limit the use of fossil fuel or not. I think that it is awkward things for them to stop those activities. We are accustomed to rich life in these days. We can buy anything we want immediately. But then, we need more fossil fuel to live better. While I am satisfied with modern life, I have to reconsider about our nature. So I decide to what I can do. For example, I use reuse things such as reuse paper, notebook to protect woods. House makers including my mother go shopping at supermarket everyday and many of them uses plastic bags to put stuff. They need to try to see the matter in various lights. I think that they need to bring their own bag to reduce waste. This behavior will be ecology movement for the future.

      As I mentioned above, we need to reconsider our life and stop the use of woods to prevent global warming. It is the best way to our life review and plant many trees to reduce carbon dioxide.

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