Fall 2003

Essays by Kyoko.K.

First Created on December 19, 2003
Last revised onDecember 19, 2003

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young people teching old

      Most of people think "Why do young people teach old people?" at first. But you should think it over,you can find what this meaning.

      Usually,you have an image that old people teach young people. Because old people live longer than young people so of course they know many things and gain experiences overwhelmingly. I used to be often said "If you don't know about this,you had better to ask your grandparents."by teacher or my parents when I was school children.

      But it's 21st century now. the life change with the times. Old people teach us about educational things and wisdoms but most of them aren't familiar with contemporary things like internet. Internet is good example to give my opinion about this essay "Young people teaching old people". internet is very useful and it can give us a lot of informations and communicate with many people. I would like to teach old people about its merit and good quality. e-mail is really good point and we had better to teach how to use e-mail for old people. Because it makes them happy. For example,if they have grand children and live separate with them,they can contact with each other by e-mail. old people can receive heartful nessages by grand children and they will become happy. What a nice thing!!

      Except internet,we can find many things to teach old people. You find teaching things and teach them. It's good to do.

Playing and winning


      Do you hate losing? I think every people hate to lose the game and of course I do. I am very competitive. When I lose the game, I become to feel vexing. But only winning the game isn’t important.

      why do people want to win the game? We can get a prize? Every people want to get it because it is a proof of victory. But getting prize is not important. I don’t like people who try to win the game with a view to getting a prize. I like people who only think about winning the game. If you don’t want to lose, you can think over about that when you lose the game. People will be more doing one’s best for next time and we can get victory. By losing the game, we will make efforts. This is an example of me. I took part in tennis match and I had confidence to win the game at that time. But unfortunately, I lost the game and I didn’t want to believe that. I really feel vexing. My coach told me that losing the game is not bad. This is a chance to become better player. I agree with that and I made up my mind to practice harder to win the game next time. Even Hideki Matsui who is major leaguer lose the baseball game a lot when he was young.

New product

      If I could invent something I will invent new type of TV. What do you think that if you can smell by TV?? Is this great idea? If TV can send smell for you, it produce good results in every respect. Did you think that you wanted to eat piping hot cup noodle when you watched TV commercial? But it has no smell, only has tasty sounds of cup noodle and sales messages. So you can't feel its tasty smell. If you can feel tasty smell by TV, you will become to want to eat it more. So I produce “fragrance TV”.

      Thus, It’s good idea to invent a TV that can send not only television pictures and voice but also smells. According to this, we a consumer can feel TV familiar to us and a producer can gain more benefit using by item's smells. Especially, the fragrance TV takes advantage of food commercial. People want to smell the food when they watch TV commercial of delicious foods. And then, they sniffed its fragrance, their appetence will be high. By this, people will buy this food. The fragrance TV must be effective for food producer.

      Of course, you can switch off the “fragrance mode” if you don’t want to sniff smells by TV. For example, when the TV program broadcast bad smell program that is dirty house feature program, try to durian feature program and so on. If you don’t want to sniff its smell, you can switch off “fragrance mode”. How epoch-making product isn’t it?

      Smell is very important in our life. If the fragrance TV will produce in our life, it’s very interesting isn’t it? Our life will more convenient each other between producers and consumers.  

Resources disappearing

      I'm aiming at that the destruction of ozone layer. Do you know how much ozone hole serious problem? This problem is seriousness especially in Australia. Australia is just under the ozone hole. So people in Australia have a lot of problem as skin cancer and so on. Do you know why is ozone hole formed by?

      Why is ozone layer destroying little by little? This is because of our life. You know one substance is Freon. Freon is contained in many things in our life. For example, that’s in personal computer. It has a little bit Freon. I found about that in web site. I surprised about that. It is our immediate needs in present society. I didn't know that personal computer has Freon. In addition, refrigerator also has Freon. The cooler in refrigerator has it. I'm surprised also about that. But I think there are more another products containing Freon in our life. That makes us freeze!! By ozone hole, there are a lot of ultraviolet and by bathing it, we suffer from some illness like skin cancer.

      In practice, when I went to Australia, I felt strong ultraviolet and I thought that I couldn’t stay any more with out sun block and care for skin. I thought this is serous problem in Australia. But I didn't feel that people in Australia has a problem about that. Most of them don't have sun block and don't have provision for ultraviolet. Only we are tourists sensitive about strong ultraviolet. Is it OK? We have to care by ourselves from strong ultraviolet especially in Australia. It’s formidable that there is ozone hole on the face of earth.

      Anyway, this problem is seriousness than you think. We should worry about this problem. Besides I hope that every product in our life will not be including Freon in near future to not increase ozone hole any more. We should protect our planet one by one.

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