Fall 2003

Essays by Mika M.

First Created on Desember 19, 2003
Last revised on Desember 19, 2003

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Young People Teaching Old


      Are there all older people are right? My answer is “No”. There are many cases that young people can teach older people. There are a lot of older people who can’t have manners, decency, something like that.

      Older people almost teach younger a lot of things. However everything is right perfectly? I do not think so. For example, even the teacher makes mistake. If he is wrong, the students have to teach him that mistake. Other case, I teach junior high-school student once a week. Of course, my job is teaching. But sometimes I am taught many things by her which I did not notice. I am also surprised at her thinking occasion. Now, I’ll tell you about trifling example. When I hasten to the station, I did neglect of traffic signals. Then 4 or 5 years old children said that do not neglect of traffic signals! I was taught them about the regulation of traffic…So when I was a child, may be I did same thing like them. We think we are right or having much knowledge than young people. Of course I think so too, but all cases has no application to the case. There are many cases that people can teach older people.

      In my conclusion, we are taught or learned from not only older people but also younger people. We are teaching many things each other. Older people are not necessarily right. And teaching each other is good experience.

Playing and Winning

      "Playing a game is fun only when you win.” What do you think of that statement? There are a lot of sports in the world. Many people love it. Playing sport is very exited. Maybe, if you play the game, you will think that you want to win the game. Such thinking is quite usual with all people. Do you think such a thing don’t you? Particularly, if you are the game player, you might have thought that. Now, there is a question.” Playing a game is fun only when you win. Though I said at beginning that, "What do you think of that statement? I disagree that statement. Playing a game is very funny if I win or lose. Then, I'll tell you why, with reasons and examples.

     Playing sports is good thing. You are able to learn many things through them. Now, I’ll give an example through my experience. Have you ever played basketball? Playing basketball is very fan and exiting, so I like basketball very much. Not only basketball, but also much kind of sports… Anyway, when I am playing basketball, I am exiting and intense. Not only me, all people have same emotion. Why do they have wild emotion? I think because all people stick at “win”. I practiced basketball every day. It is so hard for me. But I stood the practices to win the game. If I win the game, I may have confidence in my ability and I would think that so hard practices was worthwhile doing. Playing a game is very fan when I win.

     Well, what about when we lose a game? Surely, almost all people are saying “not fan”. Surely, if you lost the game, you may think you could not gain anything or you may think mean nothing. Finally, it is not fun!! But I do not think so. Indeed, if I lost a game, I thought what a shame that I lost the game. But is that all? When I lost the game, I always thought that I never lose the next game, so I will practices hard. I do self-examination again and again. Losing games teach me a lot of useless points.

     In my opinion, for all practical purposes, win or loss is equal to me. Surely, when you win the game, you will get the satisfying feel of triumph. Of course I feel so, too. But think about the problem from a different perspective, (that is to say if you lose the game…) you will have different feelings. When you lose the game, may be, you are not fun but you will get different fun.

New Product

      When you are pupil, or now, may be you would watch “DORAEMON” on TV. I like “DORAEMON” very much. Do you know “DOKODEMO DOOR”? I often think that I want to get it. It is convenient for us to go everywhere.

     Now, Why do I suppose this product, I will explain below and I will write about this advantage. First if you only use the door, you can go to the place where you want to go. Not only that, but also you will be able to arrive spot on time. For example, in my case, it takes me for 2 hours to go the university. So, I have to get up early. It is hard for me to get up early every day. Then again, I go to university by train. So I need commuter pass and it’s as though the morning commuter rush drains me of half the energy I have for the day. I often think that I wish I had a mysterious door that leads to everywhere. If I had it, I could sleep more. And I could have more my own free time.

     Second, if you only use the door, you can meet some people or animals or things that you want to. For example, if the happening separates you and your boyfriend, you are very socked. But if you only have the mysterious door, you will be able to meet him or her soon. So, you do not need shock. By the way, how about does the trip? If you use the mysterious door, you can go to everywhere soon and almost no expense but think about this. Is it good for you to take a trip to everywhere using a mysterious door? My answer is yes and no.

     So the mysterious door has not only good point but also has demerit. First your heart is not fluttered with excitement for there is no pleasure in the process. Second, if you use the mysterious door every time, every day, every year, you think the door is quite usual thing, so you cannot have even idle pleasures.

     Now, I have to say sorry for you because actually, it is impossible for me to make such a mysterious door. The mysterious door is the land of dreams and I cannot make such a thing. The mysterious door is my hope and I think I do want to get it so much.

      In my opinion, though the mysterious door has merit or demerit, I think it is convenient for us to go everywhere. , You can go to the place where you want to go. Not only that, but also you will be able to arrive spot on time and we also can go the place that we want to soon without money. What a wonderful! It is so convenient isn’t it?

Resources Disappearing

      Many parts of the world are losing important natural resources, such as forests, animals, or clean water. If there is not one of them…what do you do? Maybe if there is nothing, we could not live. I think it is important for us to save all resources but forests are the most important resources.

     Why do we save forests? There are a lot of reasons for this. First forests photosynthesize themselves. Photosynthesis plays a very important role in regulating oxygen emission and carbon dioxide (CO2) absorption. Carbon dioxide is green house gas. It will cause global warming. But rain forest absorbs CO2. Anyway, We need oxygen everyday. So we can get it from forests. Second, we put on clothes every day. Such custom is quite usual with our daily lives. Where does it come from? It comes from animals doesn’t it? We often hear “wool”,” cashmere”, “Angola”. Do you know what it is? It is animal’s fur. Our clothes made by shearing wool from sheep, rabbit, goat or pulling a bird.

     Nowadays, deforestation is increasing every year; because of forest fires, lumber a forest. If there are not forests, it has grave consequences. First, it will cause environmental deterioration, then our living standard become worse. It is increasing more carbon dioxide; it will lead to the ozone depletion. The ozone layer prevents very harmful ultraviolet rays from penetrating the atmosphere. As you know, ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer.

     In my opinion, it is important for us to conserve forests. We must not lumber forests. If there are not the forests, what should we do? As I said a little while ago, deforestation will cause acid rain, global warming, the green house effect and the critical condition of the ozone layer. What I want to say is that we should know about importance of forests and we must conserve them.

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