Spring 2003

Essays by Minako S.

First Created on June 20, 2003
Last revised on June 20, 2003

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Reasons for Attending College

      Today, the number of people who attend college or university is increasing every year. There are various reasons why people attend college or university. I think the one of the most reason is that people want to study for their future goals or find a desirable job that fit their interest or personality. Because we will spend more time on work than anything else. So, almost all people must think that they want to get a job according to their personality, ideal and interest. I think college or university can provide students with various helpful knowledge or useful information to realize or decide their future goals.

      First, college or university can provide students with special education. If people want to realize their dream, they might have to study about their interest field deeply. People can chose the class according to their interest and need in college or university. That is important to realize their dream.

      Second, through a college life people can experience many new things. People will be able to go everywhere and do everything they want. Becouse college's vacation is really long. These experience will help you to find or decide future goal.

      Finally, attending college or university expand people's horizon to the society. Because people must study many kind of the area of the study. These knowledge will help to improve your value to get your goal. In conclusion, attending college or university help people to realize their dream. Therefore many people attend college or university.

Experience or Books

      Books and experience have took the role of creating what I am. We can gain important knowledge from both. Both of them are necessary for our life. Because these improve and infulence our personnarity, values, and future. When you must judge or decided something which is more inportamt knowledge resouses for you?

      My mother often told me that to gain wisdom is more important than to gain just knowledge. Because wisdom is more precious than knowledge for us. Books can offer us much knowledge, but it cannot offer wisdom. We can just learn wisdom from own personal experience. Through our lives, we will experience many times judgments or decisions. These process is important for our life. Because life is series of judgments and decisions. Wisdom can help us to make decisions wisely and to lead a good life. Therefore I believe that experience is more important than books.

      In addition, We cannot became good at anything without experience. For example, I am studying English. I read many books and it offer me knowledge how to speak, write or pronunciations in English. But I cannot improve these skills without practice. Only many times experience or practice improve our skills.

      These two reason considered, knowledge gained from experience is more important than knowledge gained from books. Because our life has more complicated or unexpected situation than books. So, we have to learn how to make wise answer through experience.

Change in Your School


Change in Your School


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