Fall 2003

Essays by Nozomi K.

First Created on December 19, 2003
Last revised on December 19, 2003

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Young People Teaching Old


      Is not there that young people can teach older people? I disagree with the opinion. Then do they mean that young people does not have superior knowledge to old people? I do not think so. But I have the right reasons and experiences for satisfying everyone. Let me describe my own thoughts.

      There are many people flourishing in every field in the world. For example it is artists, sports players, writers, scholar and so on. For these people have little reference to age. However young a sports player, if he beats the world record in the contest, many older people will be impressed greatly. For example Kousuke Kitajima he broke the world records in the world swimming competition. He has won three times in the competition. He is only twenty years old. Many people were taught that it is very important to strive by him. There are a lot of things that young people can make a deep impression on the older people and teach them.

      When I was high school student, I was getting on the train. And a person of middle age was taking cellular phone in the train! Some passengers was annoyed, others was using cellular phone for sending e-mail. So did I. But the train conductor announced that do not use a cellular phone. It is usual in our modern life. And a little boy suddenly shouted “Did not use a cellular phone.” He just imitated the conductor. But many passengers listened to him and felt ashamed. We were taught the manners by him. That is my one of experience.

      For these reasons I think young people can older people many things. It is important of bravery and effort.

Playing and Winning


      Do you think it is fun to playing a game to win? I agree with this opinion. Whatever game people try, they will try to their best and be absorbed in the game. Indeed I always enjoy winning some game and if I lose certain game, I will be more mortifying. Do you know the reason? Of course everyone want to win the game. Then I would like to describe my opinion.

      There are many games, for example tennis game, baseball game and soccer game. It is not only sports games but also card game, computer game and board game. The number of the game is very large in every field. I belonged to tennis club when I was junior high school. And we would practice very hard to win the game. It was really hard and harsh. But by the grace of the training, when I had the game in the bag, I was delighted and cried for joy. My teammates were delighted, too. I was glad to be praised by my coach, friends and parents. Not until the time did we understand importance of practice and enjoyment of winning. I was told that things by my teacher and teammates. Do you think why we practiced so hard? It is for winning.

      But winning is not most important for me. When I lost my tennis game, I always thought that I did win the next game absolutely. And I imposed my assigned work. For example, I decided to swing my racket one hundred times per day and running of three kilometers every other day. And I trained body and soul. At this point I learned that only winning could not make me a mature player. When you lose a tennis game, what do you think? In case of me, I will think that I by all means want to win the next competitor. And I will practice from the first step harder again and again. And we could improve in my technical skill. Perhaps everyone has same idea, too. Then people grow up in their spirit gradually. So losing the competition is also necessary for most people. People come to understand that it is important for them to practice harder. We can learn everything from every game. And they will try to do their best not to lose.

      For these reasons, I think that playing a game is fun when I win. And there are a lot of famous sports players in the world. They were very strong and they get a victory in a lot of games. So people get to know them as a winner, and people or players think that it is more important to win the game all the more. But I do not must be attached too much to only winning. We can obtain something aspiration from losing. It is process that we should make a point of most greatly.

New Product


      I could invent something new, I would produce a machine to understand religion, culture and languages in each country over the world.

      Today a lot of various war break out everywhere in the world. It is not only war but also trouble or strife. Why do you think that war and battle break out? It is concerned with the difference of thought, their sense of value, religion and so on. Especially difference of religion is the most influential problem. Recently America antagonize with Middle Eastern country. This problem deeply makes a connection with religion idea. And the opposition causes many victims of terrorism. I think it is terrible to kill many people.

      But most of people in the world believe in their religion. They will not budge an inch inevitably to keep their belief. People cannot understand other religions well. And in the course of time, a religion and another religion will oppose to each other. So I think that people should understand and accept each thought. But it is all but impossible now.

      Then if there were a machine to see their religion, culture and custom, they could accept their opinion. And they might have better relation from now onward. The best course is to understanding each other and having reconciliation without such a machine.

Resources Disappering


      How many kinds of animals do you think that are wiped off the face of the earth? The number of the classes is very huge. Even now , the number is not grasped particularly by some specialists. But I do not want many living animals to vanish any more. What do you think that we need to save life of existing animal?

      We human beings surely influence these extinction animals. It cannot be denied that fact. That is deforestation, air pollution, and water pollution. As our living standard become better, former beautiful nature is destroyed rapidly. People have been forwarding to land development. And many forest lands have been damaged by them. For example, Amazon forest is well-known recently. It is located on the south America. I have seen the situation in Amazon on television. It has been deforested widely. For that reason many kind of animals, bird and plants in the forest died or were turned into other places. Then a part of Amazon has been ruined nearly by many planners. In Japan, people have made many sacrifices for land development that they have constructed the new dam. For that construction many villages have disappear and of course many animals have had to be exile from there. First of all we should know the fact.

      Why do people have to deforest a lot of timber? They have been planning land development in their place. They hope that their town becomes more developmental, more progressive and more comfortable. They always think that make their own town be a metropolis. So many creatures have fallen victim to their business scheme. But the more we realize our ideals, the more we destroy everything and every life. On the basis of this present condition, from now onward we should reconsider the matter more seriously. And we must project some new countermeasure not to make these living creatures extinct. We must preserve every life on the earth.

      In conclusion, I think that it is important for human beings to develop their residence area. But it is the most important for us to preserve creature life and coexist with them on the earth. However it is very difficult problem. We may confront this difficult problem but we should do that for peaceful coexistence.

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