Fall 2003

Essays by Remi S.

First Created on December 19, 2003
Last revised on December 19, 2003

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Young People Teaching Old

      Do you think there is nothing that young people can teach older people? As accept theory, older people know a lot of things and can teach young people because of their long life experience. Although, is the idea goes for every situation? I do not think so. I think there is something that young people can teach older people. Knowledge of experience is not everything to teach. Young people can digest some categories well than older.

      First, in modern society, there are many things around us that appeared newly such as production, system, and idea. New things are occurred one after another. For example, cellular phone, automatic ticket gates, many kind of vending machines, various kind of electrical appliances, and so on are each one of that. I think these things are difficult to use for older people. It can be said that the case is happen because almost new products or something tend to development for young. So, it is natural phenomenon that the older people difficult to adapt newly things. Therefore, young people can teach older people about this field. Moreover, the older need young’s help.

      Second, Young people and old people live in different generation though they live in same time. This situation makes lots of generation gaps. Their background is different. They bring up in different situation of economy, environment, politics, and society. They have different think or idea in these distinction backgrounds. Thus it is important to share ideas between young people and old people.

      Beside, word is one of the things that young people can teach older people too, I think. Today’s life in Japan, we often use denizen in many situations. Denizen, we say that katakana-word is difficult to under stand its mean especially for old people. We should help old people with understanding.

      In these reasons, I think young people have things that to teach to old people. Of cause there are so many things that old people can teach young people. To share knowledge each other is important. Share ideas and make society easy to live for everyone. If we can realize society like that, it is the best world for us.

Playing and Winning

      Playing games, such as basketball, soccer, baseball, card game or something is fun. Especially, you enjoy the game more when you win the game. Though, is it right to say that playing a game is fun only when you win? I think it is not true. We can enjoy the game whenever we win or lose, I think.

      Surely, the idea that playing a game is fun only when you win has a point. Most people want to win the game because win and lose always exist in games. I give an example introducing my case. I am member of tennis club, now, and I often play a game. Of course I want to win the game, but I enjoy the game when I lose, too. The reason why I can enjoy the game even when I lose the game is this; I did the best.

      I think that persisting win and loss too much make the game not fun. I consider we cannot relax when we make a conscious effort to win the game. It is difficult to enjoy the game itself in that condition because we pressured to must win. In that situation, the purpose of the game is to win not to enjoy. Indeed, pressure to win is needed in some cases like Olympic games or other important games. To have just fun with the game, though, such pressure is just obstacle.

      Addition, to persist win and loss disturb to enjoy the game genuinely. Making up a racket about which side is winning or lose make player’s relationship worth. The idea that playing a game is fun only when you win is selfish idea, I think. To have that idea only thinks own.

      Even if you lose the game, you satisfied when you did your best. It is fun just you made a good fight and did a nice game. The fact that you made your best at the game makes your feeling better. Moreover, playing games is fun itself.

      So, my opinion, we can enjoy the game either when we win or lose. It can say playing games is fun in really means even we enjoy the games when we are losing. I suggest the idea that everyone enjoys the game.

New Product

      Nowadays car accident is occurred all over the world and so many people are killed by the incident. It is true that car brings us very convenience life. We are lot helped by car, as we living in modern society cannot live without car. Though we cannot disregard of the fact that cars claim a lot of precious human life. Why do not you want to change our car life? If I could invent something new to improve this situation, I produce wonderful car you ever seen it before. I invent high technology car and help people.

      This car is superior to existing car on some points. First selling point of this car is this; we need not drive the car ourselves. The car drives automatically. It means the car is safe. The car keeps a safe distance to other cars, and keeps all traffic rules. If this car will be invented, we need not car license any more. Every one even who cannot take drive license in present low can drive. I believe that this car helps many old people. Old people tend to stop driving because of their health decline. So, most old people are difficult to move without younger help. I am sure that the environment will be more convenient and safer than now.

      The car has some sensor function is the second point. This equipment is so epoch-making production. This sensor catches every human and animals around the car. The car controlled to avoid contacting with any creature. Therefore the accident cannot be occurred. The number of death toll from car accident will decrease suddenly in using this system.

      Besides, of course this car is easy on the environment. It is not discharge any poisonous gas. I think it is not make sense that convenient things make environment bad. We should produce things that useful and kind to earth.

      New safe world built by using this great invention. It is sure that these faculties save much valuable life, help a lot of people and kind to our earth. I really want to such world will be realized.

Resources Disappering

      Nowadays many parts of the world are losing important natural resources. Especially I often hear the term global warming. Do you know why the temperature of earth became rise? Deforestation occurs this phenomenon; global warming.

      First, look how forests operate powerfully upon the global warming. The temperature rises because carbon dioxide makes a stratum over the sky. In this condition, warm air cannot go out to space. This is the mechanism of global warming. Direct cause of this phenomenon is carbon dioxide. Here, trees are playing important role. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Thus forests are playing so important role.

      Forests are important for us, though, deforestation is moving. According to an examination by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and WCMC (World Conservation Monitoring Centre), the forests of all over the world are decreasing second third comparing eight thousand. Besides it says that if the decrease of forests continues, forests disappear completely in 50 years.

      There are a lot of factors that cause of deforestation considerable. Cutting forests for get farmland, forest fire, soil pollution are the main factors of it. It is trivial things, but we can do something, such as reducing quantity of using papers and using recycled production, to save our forests. Foresting with trees is also effective means.

      Also reducing of carbon dioxide discharge volume to prevent global warming is significance. Using fossil fuel like coal, oil, and natural gas is cause of making carbon dioxide. We should reduce consumption of these materials.

      We cannot get back losing important resources. It is too late notice when it is disappeared. We should make effort to save our forests due to stop global warming.

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