Fall 2003

Essays by Rena K.

First Created on December 19, 2003
Last revised on December 19, 2003

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Young People Teaching Old

      Is there nothing that young people can teach older people? Some people say that there is nothing that young people can teach older people. However, I oppose to this statement strongly. I believe that there are some things, which a young person can teach to an old man. Some reasons support my opinion.

      First of all, a young man could let an old man know about new technology. For example, computers are continuing developing. Supposing an old man is going to use a computer again, he will not be able to master present's well. It is because the present-day computer completely differs from one his having used once. Many old men have the prejudice that using computers is difficult. Therefore, the young man with the knowledge of a computer can teach them how to use a computer.

      Secondly, young men can teach old men to know about present fashion or present arts, for example, music and so on. If old men know about a present fashion and present art, their world may spread further and their life may become richer. Furthermore, an opportunity for a young man and an old man to interchange to each other through art will be produced.

      In the end I would like to conclude by saying that there are so many things which young people can teach to the old people. I think that teaching someone means communication. It seems to me that if young men and old men teach each other, they will know about more information. And it may make their life better one. I believe that it is important for us to communicate other generations

Playing and Winning

      Everyone has played games before, for example, tennis, basketball, soccer, and so on. When you play a game, you will be a winner or a loser inevitably. If you become a loser of the game you played, do you feel that the game was very boring? Some people say that playing games is fun only when you win. But I do not agree with this idea. Certainly, it can be said that you will be happy when you won a match and of course you have a fun. However, my opinion about it is that any games can be fun when you enjoy playing them even if you cannot become a winner. I have an experience to support my opinion.

      When I was a junior high school student, I had been a member of the volleyball club. Our team was lesser, so we seldom beat the games. But we practiced very hard almost everyday to play volleyball better than last game. Of course we wanted to win. However, the most important purpose that we practiced very hard was not only to win the games. We exercised to play better game than last one, in other words, to do our best. Also, our aim is to enjoy playing volleyball. Therefore, it was fun for us to play games even though we could not win the matches at all. I suppose it was because we could do our best in everything.

      In conclusion, I do not believe at all that playing games is fun only when we win. It seems to me that winning a match has little to do with having fun. I think that the most important thing is that how much we can play hard. If you want to enjoy a game, you have to do your best in the match. We are able to have a fun whether we defeat the game or not.

New Product

      If I could invent something new, I would make a plant that grows faster than any other plant. The new plant that I invent can provide food to many people who are hungry. Many fruits become the tree very early. Therefore, we are able to get food earlier and easier. The fruit of the tree is very tasty and nourishing. So, a lot of people who are starving can live by eating the fruit. I would like to invent this plant because of these reasons.

      The shortage of food is one of the most serious problems in the present-day world. For example, the adult and the child are troubled by hunger in Africa. Especially the shortage of nutrition has barred normal growth of children. We have to help these people. The plant that I contrive will certainly help them.

      Next, it is said that the population in the world will continue increasing further in the future. If population increases, it is clear that more food is needed. What is worse, people will change farmland into a residential section in quest of the place in which they live. Therefore, it is necessary to harvest the food of many in fewer land efficiently.

      Thirdly, many trees are disappearing because people cut down them to use as a fuel or to make their house. The plant which I invent will solve this problem. This tree grows so fast that we can get firewood easily from this plant, and use as fuel.

      In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that if I could have a chance, I would develop a plant that can provide food to people who are hungry. I hope that my invention will help them. And, the plant can be a means that solve the problem of food shortage.

Resources Disappering

      Today, some people like us have enjoyed our rich life. However, probably, there are almost no those who care about the rich nature on the earth, for example, a forest, being lost. I believe that we human beings have to save the forest that is disappearing. Or, we will be in pain because of it. Some reasons support my idea.

      The first reason that human beings have to save it is getting clean air. A forest absorbs carbon dioxide and makes oxygen. If forests decrease in number, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will increase. That is, air is polluted. The polluted air has serious influence on us. For example, we may become sick by that. Therefore, we have to protect clear air. For that purpose, human beings have to protect the forest that makes air. 

      Secondly, if forests decrease in number, the environment where we are living will change a lot. The forest is called natural dam. It is because these selves can save up water. The reduction in a forest means that water cannot be collected. It causes a flood and inflicts serious damage on us. A flood destroys the place in which we live and does damage also to the crops of a field. These damages will surely decrease, if human beings stop deforestation.

      As a conclusion, we have to stop immediately the deforestation performed now. It is because we ourselves will be in pain by destroying a forest for these reasons. If you want to coexist with a forest, we the human beings will have to put up with a rich life that we are spending now. I think that cooperation of each man leads to protecting a forest.

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