Fall 2003

Essays by Sanae O.

First Created on December 19, 2003
Last revised on Deccember 19, 2003

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Young People Teaching Old

      People spend daily life without much attention, however, man can learn by trifling matters. I think that this goes for every man irrespective of the age, so without mentioning, old people can teach young one by based on a long experience and knowledge. Similar to old people, I think that young people can teach something to old one.

     First of all, even an infant who hasn’t know oneself, words, the way of the world can teach orders. Little children are obedient and have beautiful mind, so they do ones best for the daily life. By seeing them, we are made to clear mind; their mysterious and shining eyes make us bring us our childhood days. By my experience, I have little sister whose age is eight, I have been taught happily daily life by her blighting heart now and ancient days. The matter what I want to say is living is cannot be replaced. I think that people seem to forget this important matter through hard days.

     Second, young people give old ones power of living. It is often said that old mans something live for is growth of his or hers grandchildren. As for me, I have been said same thing like “Our daily living for is your growth.” “We are happy to see you marriage someone and beget a baby, then we will die without reserve.” When my grandparents said me like this first, I was shocked. But now, grown up to be a woman, I feel like understand a little, when I image my old age, decidedly, my main interesting will be my grandchildren’s growth. The case of living separated is more.

     As I said above, very young people can teach something weighty of the life to old person. Needless to say, learning new knowledge is important thing; however, we adult have a tendency to forget transparent heart that we had had in former days. Adult can teach many of the general knowledge to young person; on the other hand, young people teach older one something irreplaceable which couldn’t acquire from the books. I would like not to forget gentle mind of my childhood.

Playing and Winning

      Playing sports is nice thing, which gives us kind of fulfillment. Any sports, an individual event as well team competitions have a match that we can bring one’s ability into full pray. Needless to say, winning is better than loss because simply result from mortification. Besides, winning provide us confidence, achievement, a feeling of satisfaction and so on. We can safely say that playing a game is fun only we win. However, I disagree that winning the game is only funny thing. I would like to argue that losing the game also confer something worth for us.

     First of all, losing a match teach us a point of searching our conscience clearly than in the case of winning. Because of that, we player can realize one’s weak point; therefore, they can do efficient training and make the best use for the match. Besides defeating makes them have a desire to defeat an opponent who beaten them before. By beating, moreover, they can steal a glance the victor’s good point and imitate them. So, I suppose that they will be in hard training for the game.

     Second, defeated people also gain feeling of attainment from the match, and even go through something pleasure. There are some people or teams that have strong power through for many years of hard training. When we oppose them, we may be losing it, however, on behalf of that, we would realize the limitation of our power. So, we player can have a good time feel like challenge splits.

     As I said above, defeating match is not so bad thing. We can spend fulfilling life through sports, tournaments. I have been in member of volleyball team since I was junior high school. In my experience, playing sports, rather than winning or losing, are wonderful thing that presents close friends who had gone through hardship together, my precious memories, and lively days. The point is that we can learn lots of weighty things by defeat than winning and that defeating is indispensable to make progress.

New Product

      We people live with overcome past grief. Man may know precious thing through this sorrowful event. It is no doubt that learning from past teaching is valuable thing, and even we people might have to live overcome a pain, however, I want these people to meet their dearest person. We people live the in this age of developed technology. Compare nowadays with ancient that make remarkable progress. Because of that improvement, we spend everyday life comfortable, however, even today, we people have various demands, wishes, and desires. Then, if I invent something new, I would like to produce a time machine that enables us come and go space-time.

     First of all, thanks to time machine, man can meet the deceased person. I think that there are so many people who wish to say something to deceased person about apology having doing past days act, a sensation of gratitude for then which man couldn’t say because of shameful. We people live with overcome past grief. Man may know precious thing through this sorrowful event. It is no doubt that learning from past teaching is valuable thing, and even we people might have to live overcome a pain, however, I want these people to meet their dearest person.

     Second, we need a time machine not to repeat the same failure of past. It is said that learning from bygone days and not to repeat some same blunder, however, people have a tendency of that. Men of today know that a tragedy of war by history, regardless of that, some of them are on the point of start war again. In order not to produce any other tragic accidents, it is good for people to know past happenings by this machine.

     As I said above, a time machine takes us presents, which produce good results than now. The thing I emphasize in this essay is that this production causes people not happiness of materials but that of spirituals. This means getting one’s life more plentifully. One has only one life; therefore, I would like to spend thick everyday life. As long as this machine continues to be used impartial, crossing a space-time is really marvelous.

Resources Disappering

      People spend comfortable life, on the other hand, indispensable things of all mankind and existence of earth are on the verge of extinction. Thanks to nature’s favor, there is present condition. However, it is also a fact that we human have sacrificed the nature like forests, animals, natural resources and so on. I would like to mention about forests following sentence.

     First of all, be taught in one’s childhood, forests absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen indispensable to all living creatures. In our daily life, green is only the thing, which makes discarded air into helpful one. Men have been destroying green, nevertheless, in order to make man’s life more convenient than present state. By ancient days, green had occupied greater part of the earth, therefore, there were no troubles of timber resources some degree. But now, this becomes a pressing question. We have been benefited from green until today, so we should repay obligations for it.

     Second, I would like to emphasize not only wood’s itself effect but also good results produced by that. As you know, there are many species of animal in this world and make their ecosystem. People require further development, on the other hand, there some kinds of organism which are on the way to extinction. I think that sort of this should not be done and incorrect. We people are one of living creatures, therefore, we can’t live without power of nature alike animals. People should become conscious of that. The thing men have to think over is coexistence of nature and mankind.

     As I said above, we people cannot be separated from nature, coexistence will produce good results for both sides. I would like to add wood, be typical of nature, have wonderful power of healing man's tired hearts. Accordingly, the view of existing together is our given subject. If we leave this problem as it is, none of ecosystems be in existence in the 22th century as scholars are worried.

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