Fall 2003

Essays by Satori M.

First Created on December 19, 2003
Last revised on december 19, 2003

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Young People Teaching Old

      There are various age brackets in the world. I think that they live in connection with each other. Old people have a lot of knowledge widely. So there are many things that what old people can teach for young people. Then, is there nothing that young people can teach older people? I disagree with this idea. There are many things that young people can tell older people surely. I will give some examples.

      Firstly, I would like to talk about society. A society would change day after day. Then young people constitute it. It is different people who form the society on the grounds of period. Of course the young people must adopt the knowledge of older people and put it to practical use for making the society. But there are some points that the older people notice. New ideas that young people create give old people surprise. Besides, they may realize their own ideas by studying it. Society may change because of the relationship the new idea which young people create with the knowledge which older people have get from their experiences.

      Second example is about study. Lecture used to have the form that professor perform lecture through the class and students just listen that. We study about English now. Then, some professors teach us but now we are asked for our own opinion. I think the opinions from students may bring about a revolution in our study’s area. In fact, study must have developed until now. Young people are apt to be more flexible than the old. So they have various possibilities to create something new. I think the old expected that. Young people and old people live together in this world. But they have lived different the times. So we must have different knowledge and experiences. Young people ought to know what the old does not know. We cannot make progress only by exchange the knowledge and experience. It is also important for young people give their knowledge from their experience for old people.

      In conclusion, I don’t think there is nothing young people can teach older people. As stated above, the connection with young people and old people can improve anything. So there are many things that young people can teach older people. We can’t have enough knowledge without exchanging opinions with others and we need to know various view point of one thing. It is wonderful that the young and the old can exchange their opinion, knowledge and experience each other.

Playing and Winning

      Playing game is very fun. People feel so good when they run about and sweat a great deal. The pleasure of wins much than repaid me for all their effort. But, is it true that playing a game is fun only when you win? I disagree with this idea.

      I think the purpose of playing a game is not only winning. Everybody is not always want to have the game in his or her hands. It is important that everyone who plays a sport can enjoy. It is quite natural that enjoying is a real pleasure of sports. If it is true that playing a game is fun only when you win, people who have no ability of sport become hampering. I think it is terrible. Everybody must have the right to enjoy sports. It has nothing to do with the people who have ability of sport or not. It is more important that everyone in the team play as hard as they can. If they play with all their might, even if they lose the game, they feel good. They do not feel fun only when they win, they can feel fun when they work as hard as they can.

      Besides, they can learn a lot from the losing of the game. It is also important. I think it is not fun only wining. They cannot feel joy of sports without losing. The person who experiences the losing has a strong will that they want to win surely. To think so is necessary for the game. Such feeling can lead to a wonderful result. A man can grow in stature by overcoming a series of frustrations. In the same way, the team also goes through a losing and get strong. If the team continues to win, it is possible that the people do not seem willing to buckle down to the game. They might be rather puffed up with their success. I think that the team always needs hungry spirit for win. When they know mortification, they get stronger. I think that losing is not necessarily bad thing. On the contrary, to know the regret of losing is very important thing.

      In conclusion; I believe that it is not true that playing game is fun only when you win. It is not good that you seek after only winning. If so, the game becomes boring. Playing game is fun originally. Everyone in the world can enjoy the sports. Sport is not only for win. I think that it is the most important thing that anybody can enjoy together. They can play irrespective of languages, colors of skins, races and religions. I think it is very valuable.

New Product

      We human beings have invented a lot of things so far and our lives have become more convenient. But I think that we have more possibility. Technology develops more and more. So we might get something new, which we dreamed when we were child. If I can invent something new, what would I develop?

      I want to have a robot. It is a robot that does anything I want to, for example, cooking, cleaning, and washing all of housework. If so, mothers live in comfort. It is hard for women to work after giving birth to a child now. So they have to leave a child in a day-care center. But such a place cannot look after till late at night. However if they have a robot, they can work without being pressed for time. Of course, they can have time to be with their child. When child grow up, the robot ca teach a study. The robot can play a role of friend or brothers and sisters in this world that parents are unwilling to have many children.

      But I have to warn. To become more convenient has risky aspects similarly. We must be careful. Mothers should not get lazy even if the robot does anything. Mothers should not depend on her robots for support too much. Children do not grow up without their parents’ affections. Even if the robot takes care of their children, the mother is mother. To have the robot does not mean that the robot can be the mother. Humans have a dark history of slaves. We always try to improve our life better. But it is wrong to conquer or take advantage of something. I do not want the robot like this. I think that to make robot also include problems of moral sense. We need to discuss about how to deal with robot, as human or as other animals or the same as other electric appliances. Why I think such things is a movie, which I saw a few days ago. That movie is a story of robots in the future and they appeal to public opinion whether they have human right or not. It was thoughtful. Probably, in the future we face almost the same problems.

      In conclusion, I want to produce a special robot. However it has not only good aspects. Whatever we produce anything. We must discuss deeply and take long time. We must not be swayed too much the thought of immediate gain. Our future has a loft of possibility but we also have a lot of dangerous. A single mistake would have very serious consequences.

Resources Disappering

      Now many natural resources are disappearing such as forests, clear air, pure water and so on. A nature is essential for everyone. Everyone means not only human beings but also other animals and plants. Everything on the earth is in nature’s debt. We cannot live without nature. I think that we must save these things. Now I would like to talk about forest especially in the natural resources.

      The first reason why forest should be saved is a bad influence for other environmental problems. Long time ago, there are many forests all over the world. Then, a lot of animals and plants lived there. People had a highly regard for forests. In Japan, people thought that forest is sacred and live together. But as time goes on, they cut it open and made house or farm. It is no doubt that our lives have developed and become convenient. As a result, however, forests, which produce clear air and pure water, have disappeared. I think that forest is the source of nature. If forests disappear completely, there are no oxygen and no water. Forests have brought us various favors. But we have made them dirty and reduced. I think we should save forests. It is also for the sake of us.

      The other reason is animals. These days we hear news that some wild animals make an attack on men. I think one of the reasons of these incidents is decreasing forests. Wild animals have no place to live. We took their place to live by force. Besides, forests gave them a lot of foods. But now there are few foods in the forests. So they come to the city and look for the foods. We got no more than our deserts. But people do not understand these things. We try to put the responsibility on them. We should take the consequences.

      Above all, the forest should be saved. We have to think about all environment s again. I think we should live together with nature. I think that it is important for each one of us to recognize the problems. For our future we must not turn our eyes away now. Without solution of this problem our brilliant futures never come.

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