Fall 2003

Essays by Shunichi K.

First Created on December 19, 2003
Last revised on December 19, 2003

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Young People Teaching Old

      Do you believe there is nothing that the younger can teach older? It has been often said that old people have affluent knowledge and education so we must respect them,and they are often compared to a walking dictionary. But I disagree with this statement because I think young people can teach older people sufficiently. Generally, it is said that old people have various experiences of life and knowledge but we, younger do not have them so much. Recently, however, a lot of new things have been poured for our life. Regrettably, older and older we become, our memory has been lost. I will take some examples.

      Today, we are in computerized world, so we have to use computers in various occasions. Many of the youngers can use them skillfully but most of the olders cannot ,because there are a lot of things to memorize if you want to use them. And you have to read a large number of manuals which written by very small letters and many terms. Some are presbyopes and it is difficult to read them. So younger have to teach them how to operate them from beginning. Some old men may forget the way of operation soon, so you should practice them patiently and repeatedly. If you get angry with old people, they would be demoralized as they are too obstinate, so you must not.

      Next example is languages. Almost all of the people study and speak English all aver the world. Japan is not an exception. As I said above, old men's memories are very bad. I think it is almost impossible for people who are over 50 years to learn other country’s languages. If they go to the oversea they do not know what to do and may not be able to buy even a ticket. Some would say they do not want to go abroad absolutely. I think they tend to avoid being mixed up with foreigners so they try to depend on young people soon. Then we bother to teach them.

      After all, there are a lot of things the old do not know. Moreover, time goes by every moment and new things are born one after another, so everyone does have something that they can teach somebody whatever small things it may be. I think it’s a best way to create a happy life.

Playing and Winning

      Do you like playing sports? There are various kinds of sports all over the world. I love playing volleyball and badminton and I sometimes play with my friends. It is hard to decide whether to agree or disagree with the statement that “Playing a game is fun only when you win”. I think it will depend on circumstances. When a game is a serious competition, I agree with the statement. On the other hand, as it is not, I disagree with it. Let me consider each case.

      First, if a game is played in a serious competition, for example, at an athletic meeting or in a championship, we will be disappointed and feel no fun when we lose. Our coach will get angry and scold us on account of our unreliability. Then we may think that it was useless to have practiced so hard at that time. As I was a high school student, I belonged to a tennis team. Our team went on to the inter-high-school athletic competitions barely. We had practiced hardly every day for the competition. To our great regret, we lost the first heat. We all cried and felt very disappointed. We didn't feel fun at all in our loosing, but the winners rejoiced to win. In such cases, I believe that the above statement “Playing a game is fun only when you win” is right.

      Next, if the game is just a game, for example, as playing with friends and familiar people, pastime and exercise, we do not feel disappointment as we lost the game. Under these circumstances, winning is not only fun but also process is funny and enjoyable. Unless we win we can enjoy and fun it sufficiently. Last weekend, I played billiards with one of my friends. I am a beginner but he is not. We played him many times but I lost many match. However I had a nice feeling.

      After all I think, as we play a game, fun or not are depended on our seriousness to the game. As we play earnestly in cases like the Olympic games we feel great fun when we won and feel disappointment as we lost. In reverse, as we play the game pleasantly we may always feel it is fun.

New Product

      There are many goods all over the world and new goods are still being developed. Now, the world is flood with lots of things. I’m very satisfied with the now life so I can’t imagine what kind of goods are needed in our life. I dare to say, though, I want a machine that will not fail to lose people’s weight.

      A great variety of diet merchandise is published in the market, for example, medicine, drink, food and so on. They all say, “ If you consume it, you can certainly lose your weight.” but all of them are lies or excessive expression. I’ve never known those goods to slim. Recently, I just herded some companies were arrested for falsehood. Going on a diet is one of the most concerning worries for people. So there are many unscrupulous businessmen and lots of people are deceived into the belief.

      In fact, almost women care about their weight whether they are fat or thin. Girls think that they want to lose, but were reluctant to exercise and be off their food. Some say they are asking for it but I hope to grant such lady’s worries. If I could develop the machine that can be surely lost people’s weight, I would be very popular with everywoman. I can choose women freely. That’s impressive!

      Over fat is bad for everyone’s health, too. Overweight brings about all dangerous diseases. Roly-poly men are higher the death of probability than lean men. If I could develop the machine I would rescue their health. And a Nobel Prize would be given to me! Unbelievable! But if you buy a large number of sweets that money, I have been fat.

      Consequently, the most necessary popular and interesting thing seems to be a diet. Every woman thinks how to go on a diet. The invention that dissolves a distress is the most needed one, I think.

Resources Disappering

      What do you think your mobile phone is made from? You know, it was made from petroleum. Recently, it is getting cold day by day, so I think you will use a fan heater and we need much amount of oil. What’s more, PET bottles are made from oil. Today, there are a lot of oil products and they are necessary for our life. Of course oil is not an artificial material but natural resources, and it is not limitless. In fact, oil is touching bottom. Used heavily, it is in danger of extinction. Needless to say, petroleum is the most important and valuable material.

      I considered if petroleum were ran out what things would happen. First, we can’t use cars and we have to go to school on foot or by bicycle. If this happened, all of the people will be confused. In Sunday, you can’t go for a drive, and go shopping by car. Of course there are no goods in shop because merchandise may not be carried by truck. I guess that you know how people who were in Edo period lived a life. You can ascend to their life. I believe I can’t tolerate it. But I think it is good for health and environment.

      Almost all of the petroleum is taken from Middle Eastern area. But lots of wars are broken out in this religion. If some missile hit an oil company, plenty of oil is spilled and burn up and a loud explosion will be happened. If that happened, more and more petroleum would vanish. Perhaps Middle Eastern people will stop exporting to Japan!

      Above all, most of the needed and must be saved resources are petroleum. It is connected with our life closely. Oil will be certainly run out of in the near future. We have to rapidly develop other material taking the place of oil.

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