Fall 2003

Essays by Yukiko K.

First Created on December 19, 2003
Last revised on June 20, 2003

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Young People Teaching Old

      Most of us are nuclear family, these days. For the result of that, young people seldom concern older people. Older people nearly concern young people, either. Older one has precious knowledge for younger one. We often notice this opinion. For older one has knowledge through their experience on their everyday life. This is actually truth. Then, can young people teach old people? I consider this is possible. Teaching is giving something to others. Young one surely has what can give for old. Especially, older people are able to learn by seeing young people’s behavior. Let me explain this.

      First, young people can teach through their attitude that makes an effort positively. Older people tend to decline their energy. They are occasionally depressed because they are in poor health, or their limbs are so weak. So they may feel lonely about themselves and their future. Young people have a full of energy and powerful body. So that younger can give their positive and active attitude. What can young people do concretely for older people? Younger needs to spend talking with older, and tell them about themselves. Older enjoy listening to younger vision, about in their future, their thinking now, and so on. Whatever younger is talking is interesting and delightful for them. They are encouraged certainly through conversation, and come to live actively.

      Second, younger people can teach through working with old people. For example, younger can use personal computer. This machine is very useful. So younger can teach how to do it. Or younger can use it and tell older about some useful news in it. Like these ways, younger can teach new thing. Older is glad to this behavior, surely. It is a bit of hard for some of elders to challenge new thing. For those people, younger is willing to join their enjoyable activities, Japanese croquet or traveling near here and so on. As another one, younger can cook for them or clean their room together, too. As a result of these action, younger can teach older to live joyfully.

      In the end, we younger have a lot of things that we can do for older. Older needs our help and our teaching because they are often depressed for poor health. So younger can teach older people to live healthy and joyfully through their life style. To see younger living just naturally is encouraging and pleasing for older. Younger must talk more with older, and communicate qualitatively with them.

Playing and Winning

      When we play a game, we will have a goal of winning. Nobody wants to be a loser if he can. In my opinion, however, to play games enjoyably do not depend on winning or losing. Now there are many kinds of games. Especially, I will talk about a game of sports. Then, to be fun of the game is there anything worthier than winning a prize? The answer is yes, of course. If enjoying a game means only winning, that is some problem. For baseball or volleyball game, people who play a game are only half a whole. For marathon race, the only one person is elected for a prize. Everybody knows this fact: playing a game is never winning. Most important thing is participation.

      First, to enjoy the game, we need show full play from our ability. We are certainly trained for a game. We will spend a lot of time and power, and money for a game. On that occasion, we will come to skill up. Because we pay victims more or less, if we show the skill that we have gotten, we will be satisfied deeply. To win or to lose is only a part of effects. The most important thing is a process. Even if somebody wins a prize, but he has had little process, the prize is no meaning for him. And he would be impressed just a little. His winning memory would be disappeared as time passed. Anyway, a prize is a symbol of our effect. To enjoy games is similar to enjoy our life. How hard do we step to achieve one thing is most important.

      Second, to enjoy is connected with quantity and quality that we have got before game. For example, we need to cooperate at a team game. As they are training, they come to have a fellow feeling in the team. They know well each other, more over they think a great deal of themselves. Friends like this are very good friends sincerely. If we make those friends and play the game together, it surely has very valuable. Another things that we can get in training are doing the best, getting along with members, patience and fresh feeling and so on.

      In conclusion, if we can show full play and we can get anything important at that game, we are deeply satisfied. Even if the result is so bad, our process is meaningful. We never forgot having got through bitter experience. To win or to lose is directly not concerned in enjoying a game. When we play a game, we will aim to get a prize. However, there are many things worthier than winning a prize. This is interesting point of a game. And our life is similar to playing games in this situation. We may have some prizes, as position and honor. Surely we want it, but we must remember that there are such many important things further than that as a friendship, some efforts, and so on.

New Product

      As we are having everyday life, we can find something inconvenient. If I could invent something new, I would make convenient one. For example, I tend to lose my key of house or bike, when I am leaving. Everyone has experienced this situation more than once. We must have hardships unless we can find the necessity quickly. I would invent a system to solve this problem.

      First, mechanism of this system is very much like the system of cellular phone. Now, if one of us lose a cellular phone, he or she has a very convenient way to find it. Everybody will call own cell phone. And he or she can recognize where the phone is now. By using this mechanism, the system that I have considered is invented. We give a number various things. Especially, we can number important things: remote controls of TV or air conditioner, key, wallet, and so on. When we lose anything, we will call the number. And we can quick recognize where the necessary thing is.

      Second, I introduce this system’s demerit. If this system were invented, people would gradually get not to put a room in order. This makes a danger of laziness. Many people might dislike efforts. We may think of cutting concerns in our work as much as possible. This may be a big problem. I am worried that progressing convenient society might make a lazy world.

      Third, I introduce this system's merit. We can use this without thinking and looking for hard. So we do not have to waste time and energy of us. This is mainly my point. Nowadays, we have little time to share for fruitless move. Moreover, some important things are under control of own. So it may lead decrease of crimes, when we number a wallet, a commutation ticket, a bankbook.... We will add a little bit of change for new safety system.

      In conclusion, we have many convenient things now. If I would make a convenient one, I would invent a system like this. I long to invent this to identify the place of important things. We must think how the convenient things can use more effectively.

Resources Disappearing

      We often hear the words of environment problem such as air pollution, acidity rain, and endangered species. Where are these problems from? Many parts of the world are losing important natural resources. So the problems are produced from losing natural resources. I guess the deforestation is the most serious one. So I explain why it needs to be saved.

      First, I explain why these problems occur. One of the results of deforestation is slash-and-burn agriculture. This is accounting for 45 percent of all direct reasons of tropical forest’s reduction, now. Slash-and-burn agriculture makes soil rich temporarily, but a few years later, the soil becomes poor. Other results of deforestation are diversion of a use like a pastureland or a farmland. As another reason, I mention illegal tree felling, and acidity rain.

      Second what kinds of influences occur by this problem progressing? Deforestation causes disasters of flood, and landslide. Absorption and reproduction of the rain by the forest are no longer performed. As the result, rain serves as a muddy stream. As another influence, an extinction of many kinds can be caused. And a food cycle of life is destroyed completely. This is a big problem, too. For the food we need eat is being lost. It is said that 5-10% of the creature that lives in tropical rain forests is exterminated in 30 years from now.

      Third, we must consider what we can do now for saving tropical forests. We should use wood resources effectively. And we should decide not to waste paper. It is important to strive for recycling of used paper.

      In conclusion, we could recognize importance of forests above. We have known about the roles of forests as the natural dam, the habitat of wildlife, the filtration of air, and the equipment to purify rain. When we are living, forest is indispensable absolutely. So we should value restricted resources.

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