Fall 2003

Essays by Yuko K.

First Created on December 19, 2003
Last revised on December 19, 2003

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Young People Teaching Old

      There is something that young people can teach older people. It is sure that there are a lot of things that are taught by older people. But, young people can also teach something to older people. Then, what kinds of things young people can teach?

      First, older people can teach many things to young. Parents teach their child a lot of things because they want to their child to be good life. Older people teach elementary school, junior high school, and high school students, of course. They teach not only subjects but also social morals or manners. Besides, there are so many things that I can’t tell all here.

      On the other hand, I think that young people can teach about usage of some machine. For example, these are personal computer, cellular phone, facsimile, and other things. These things popularize quickly these days, and are changing new one after another. If we buy these things, there are many thick books of explanation. Young people have plasticity and can read and understand how to use. But older people are not accustomed to using machine, so they would be confused. This case, it is better that young people teach to older people how to use.

      In fact, there are some schools that teach a usage of personal computer for older people by young people. I have taught that to my grandmother and gland father. When we bought new personal computer, my grand parents had never used computer. So, they don’t know how to use at all. It was easy that I taught them than that they read and understand, so I taught then.

      In my conclusion, I think that young people can teach something to older people. I disagree that there is nothing that young people can teach older people.

Playing and Winning

      Do you agree or disagree with that playing games is fun only when you win? I like sports and playing games. If I win the game, I become very happy. Then, is it fun only when I win? I don’t think so; to win the game is fun, of course, but I think that there are also other reasons people enjoy a game.

      I belong to tennis club at university. I play tennis twice a week with my club members. We usually practice the skill, and sometime play games in my club or with other tennis club of my university. When we play games, we are serious so we can see different face from usual. If I can't win the game, it is fun that to play with the parson. Through playing the game, I can find my weak point and how to practice from now onward. In reverse, it is good and fan when I win the game, but I cannot better my skill.

      The other example, I play basketball once a week in P.E class. I am very exiting when I am playing. Of course, I cannot win a game every time. But I do not think that playing game is fan only when I win. If I lose the game, I can think the next strategy. For example, “How do I move?” and “How do I shoot?”…Something like that. I am a beginner, but I can gain lot skills watching a good player. Surely, winning a game is fun for me. But losing a game is good experience to next step.

      In conclusion, when I play game with my friend, it is fun to play that. Win and loss is equal to me. So, I disagree with that playing game sis fun only when I win. I think that it is fun if I don’t win the game.

New Product

      If I can make new product, I want to make ‘time machine’. I have watched ‘DORAEMONN’, a popular animation among children and also adult, since I was an elementary school student. I like ‘DORAEMONN’ very much, because he has a lot of things that there aren’t in this world. When I was young, I often thought that I want such convenient tools. I still want some tools of ‘DORAEMONN’. There are many tools I want, but especially, I want a ‘time machine’. I have two reasons that I want ‘time machine’.

      First, if I can develop ‘time machine’, first of all, I want to go past. For example, I go to my baby age, and I want to see myself. I cannot remember my baby age, so I want to know how was I. If I can, I want to play with a little myself. I think that it is so fun and interesting. I also want to go past and see childhood of my parents. I interested in my parent’s life of childhood. What kind of Childs my parents are? I want to see my eyes.

      Second, I want to go past period. I studied history when I was junior high school and high school. So, I want to see various historical events actually. If students were being able to go past and experience in fact, they would be like more about history.

      In conclusion, though the two reasons, if I can develop new product, I want to develop ‘time machine’. I interested in past and I want to know about past.

Resources Disappearing

      Many parts of the world are losing important natural resources, such as forests, animals, or clean water. Above all, I think that forests are important for our life. So, I want to think about importance of forests and how can we save them.

      Why forests are important for our life? First, forests are producing oxygen. If it were not for oxygen, we couldn’t breathe and live. They are and bathed sunshine and breath carbon dioxide, and then, they emit oxygen. It is called photosynthesize. Many other plants also photosynthesize, but forests occupy a lot of part, so they play important roles. Second, forests also protect our life. When it rained heavily, forests save the water at their roots. Then, spread to basement gently. So, it prevents us from flood. If there are no forests, a lot of water comes down as it is, and city becomes flood. Third, forests are hangout of many animals. So, forests are necessary for animals too.

      Then, we have to protect forests for ourselves. So, what can we do to preserve them? Are there any solutions for that? Yes, there are, I think. First, forest’s woods are used for making paper, and Japan imports too many woods from country, which have many forests. We use paper to mach in office and school, for example when we copy or fax. We have to use paper more carefully. Second, we need to recycle paper and other product that made of woods. So, we don’t have to cut trees vainly.

      In conclusion, forests are important and necessary for our life. If it were not for forests, we couldn’t live like now. We should care and consider about forests in our daily life. Then, we have to protect them.

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