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Bibliographies on Bernard Malamud

Books Primarily on Malamud:

[1965 Meeter] [1969 Kosofsky] [1970 Sher] [1974 Cohen] [1974 Ducharme]

[1979 Avery] [1984 Misra] [1988 Rajagopalachari] [1989 Rohner] [1989 Singh] [1995 Davis]

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1966 Richman, Sidney. Bernard Malamud. New York: Twayne Publishers, 160pp.

1968 Meeter, Glen. Bernard Malamud and Philip Roth: A Critical Essay. Contemporary Writers in Christian Perspective. Edited by Roderick Jellema. Grand Rapids, Mich: William B. Eerdmans Pubilishing Co., 48 pp.

  1. Two Jewish Romantics, pp. 5-8.
  2. Universalist and Particularist, pp. 9-12.
  3. Short Stories: The Jew as Man of Faith, pp. 13-22.
  4. Novels of the Quest, pp. 23-33.
  5. Novels of Conversion, pp. 34-44.
  6. Conclusion, p. 45.
  • Selected Bibliography, pp. 46-48.
1969 Kosofsky, Rita Nathalie. Bernard Malamud: An Annotated Checklist. The Serif Series, Bibliographies and Checklists, edited by William White, no. 7. Kent, Ohio: Kent State University Press, 63 pp.

  • Preface, pp. vii-xii.
  • Author's Note, p. xiii.

  • Works of Bernard Malamud, pp. 1-8
    • Books, pp. 1-2.
    • Stories, pp. 3-8.
  • Secondary Sources, pp. 9-63.
    • Criticism in Books, pp. 9-15.
    • Criticism in Periodicals, pp. 16-26.
    • Book Reviews, pp. 27-63.
      • The Natural, pp. 27-29.
      • The Assistant, pp. 29-34.
      • The Magic Barrel, pp. 34-38.
      • A New Life, pp. 39-45.
      • Idiots First, pp. 45-48.
      • The Fixer, pp. 49-59.
      • A Malamud Reader, pp. 59-63.
1970 Field, Leslie A., and Field, Joyce W., eds. Bernard Malamud and the Critics. New York: New York University Press; London: University of London Press, 373 pp.

1970 Sher, Morris. Bernard Malamud: A Partially Annotated Bibliography. Johannesburg: University of Witwatersrand, 24 pp.

  • Introduction, pp. iii-vi.
    • Scope, p. vi.
    • Arrangement, p. vi.
    • Style of entry, p. vii.
    • Index, p. vii.
    • Acknowledgments, p. vii.
    • Sources consulted, pp. vii-viii.
    • Periodicals listed, p. viii.
  • Part One - Primary Sources: Works by Bernard Malamud, pp. 1-9.
    1. Books and Translations, pp. 1-9.
    2. Uncollected Stories, p. 9.
  • Part Two - Secondary Sources: Works about Bernard Malamud, pp. 10-23.
    1. Biography, p. 10.
    2. Critical Studies, pp. 10-16.
    3. Reviews, pp. 16-23.
      [The Natural, pp. 16-17. The Assistant, pp. 17-18. The Magic Barrel, pp. 18-19. A New Life, pp. 19-20. Idiots First, pp. 20-21. The Fixer, pp. 21-22. Pictures of Fidelman, pp. 22-23.]
  • Index of Titles of Malamud's Works, p. 24.
1974 Cohen, Sandy. Bernard Malamud and the Trial by Love. Melville Studies in American Culture, edited by Robert Brainard Pearsall. Amsterdam: Rodopi N.V., 132 pp.

  1. From Eros to Caritas, pp. 9-13.
  2. Beginning with The Natural, pp. 15-35.
  3. The Assistant: Ceremony of Innocence, pp. 37-55.
  4. Lost in Cascadia, pp. 57-72.
  5. The Fixer and his Friends, pp. 73-92.
  6. Childe Fidelman's Pilgrimage, pp. 93-105.
  7. Kings of One Mountain, pp. 107-123.
  8. From Self to Society, pp. 125-127.
  • [Selected] Bibliography, pp. 129-130.
  • [Index, pp. 131-132.]
1974 Ducharme, Robert E. Art and Idea in the Novels of Bernard Malamud: Toward the Fixer. The Hagure: Mouton, 149 pp.

  • Acknowledgements, pp. v-vi.
  • Introduction, pp. 1-4.
  1. The Mythic Method, pp. 5-29.
  2. The Ironic Perspective, pp. 30-52.
  3. Fathers and Sons, pp. 53-75.
  4. The Theme of Suffering, pp. 76-97.
  5. History and Responsibility, pp. 98-122.
  • Conclusion, pp. 123-126.
  • Appendix: The Artist in Hell, pp. 127-141.
    [About The Pictures of Fidelman.]
  • Bibliography, pp. 142-149.
  • Index, [pp. 150-151].

1975 Field, Leslie A., and Field, Joyce W., eds. Bernard Malamud: A Collection of Critical Essays. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, pp. 8-17.

1977 Astro, Richard, and Benson, Jackson J., eds. The Fiction of Bernard Malamud. Corvallis: Oregon State University Press, 190 pp.

1979 Avery, Evelyn Gross. Rebels and Victims: The Fiction of Richard Wright and Bernard Malamud. Port Washington, N.Y.: National University Publications, Kennikat Press, 116 pp.

  • [Preface, pp. ix-x.]
  • Introduction, pp. 3-7.
  1. Rebels and Victims, pp. 8-29.
  2. Genesis, pp. 30-54.
  3. Fathers, Sons, and Lovers, pp. 55-75.
  4. The Promised Land, pp. 76-91.
  5. A Bittersweet Encounter, pp. 92-106.
  • Notes, pp. 107-110.
  • Bibliography, pp. 111-113.
  • Index, pp. 114-116.

1979 Iwamoto, Iwao. Malamud: Geijutsu to seikatsu o motomete [Malamud: Quest for art and life]. Eibei Bungaku Sosho. Tokyo: Tojusha, 208 pp.

1980 Hershinow, Sheldon J. Bernard Malamud. Modern Literature Monographs. New York: Frederick Ungar Publishing Co., 165 pp.

1981 Alter, Iska Sheila. The Good Man's Dilemma: Social Criticism in the Fiction of Bernard Malamud. AMS Studies in Modern Literature, no. 5. New York: AMS Press, 214 pp.

1984 Misra, S. K. Bernard Malamud: The Idea of Heroism. Cuttack, India: Friend's Publishers, 184 pp.

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1985 Helterman, Jeffrey. Understanding Bernard Malamud. University of South Carolina Press, 153pp.

1985 Salzberg, Joel. Bernard Malamud: A Reference Guide. Boston: G.H. Hall and Co., 211 pp.

1986 Bloom, Harold. Bernard Malamud. New York: Chelsea House, 231pp.

1987 Salzberg, Joel. Critical Essays on Bernard Malamud. Edited by Joel Salzberg. Boston: G. K. Hall and Co., 229 pp.

1988 Rajagopalachari, M. The Theme of Compassion in the Novels of Bernard Malamud. New Delhi: Prestige Books, 220 pp.

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1989 Solotaroff, Robert. Bernard Malamud: A Study of the Short Fiction. Twayne's Studies in Short Fiction, Series No. 8. Boston: G.K. Hall, 200pp.

1989 Rohner, Thomas L. Enigmatic Humor in the Novels of Bernard Malamud. Hauppage, New York: Mark IV Press, 200 pp.

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1990 Ochshorn, Kathleen Gillikin. The Heart's Essential Landscape: Bernard Malamud's Hero. New York: Peter Lang, 334pp.

1991 Lasher, Lawrence M., ed. Conversations with Bernard Malamud. Jackson and London: University Press of Mississippi, 156 pp.

1991 Kosofsky, Rita Nathalie. Bernard Malamud: A Descriptive Bibliography. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 263pp.

1991 Singh, Sukhbir. The Survivor in Contemporary American Fiction: Saul Bellow, Bernard Malamud, John Updike, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Delhi: B.R.Pub., vii, 268pp.

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1993 Abramson, Edward A. Bernard Malamud Revisited. New York, New York: Twayne Publishers, 163pp.

1995 Davis, Philip. Experimental Essays on the Novels of Bernard Malamud: Malamud's People. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 194pp.

  • Preface, pp. i-ii.
  • Acknowledgements, p. iii.
  1. Nakedly, without a PhD, pp. 1-20.
  2. "The Truth About Life," pp. 21-41.
  3. "I havn't got it to give," pp. 43-73.
  4. The Representative, pp. 75-115.
  5. Part Time, pp. 117-162.
  6. Something Back, pp. 163-189.
  • Bibliography, pp. 191-192.
  • Index, pp. 193-194.
1996 Cheuse, and Nicholas Delbanco, ed. Talking Horse: Bernard Malamud on Life and Work. New York, New York: Columbia Univ. Press, 220pp.

2001 Avery, Evelyn, ed. The Magic Worlds of Bernard Malamud. Albany, New York: State University of New York Press, 219pp.

2006 Smith, Janna Malamud. My Father Is a Book: A Memoir of Bernard Malamud. New York, New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 292pp.

2006 Davis, Philip. Bernard Malamud: A Writer's Life. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, 377pp.

Bibliographies on Bernard Malamud

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