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(Last revised on April 16, 2004)

"Make haste, lose fun!" (Keiichi Shimada)

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For Visitors: The Catcher in the Rye(E)
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The Schlemiel Page (All about Mr. Shimada)(E): Mr. Shimada's notorious pictures!(E)
The Schlemiel on the Record (Mr. Shimada's published essays)(J)
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On Mr. Shimada's Classes: A Good Man Is Hard To Find(E)
Reading Strategies(J) Introduction to English Reading(J) English Reading(J)
English Composition(E)Project HTML(E)
Introduction to English and American Literature(EJ) Bulletin Board(EJ)

Mr. Shimada's Links(J) for Literary Resources and ESL Resources:
Google(J), Google(E), Yahoo!(J), Yahoo!(E), Alta Vista(E),
American Studies Web at Georgetown University, William Faulkner on the Web by John B. Padgett

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