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Last modified on April 11, 2000

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Week #1 (April 11, 2000)

If you would like to register this class, be sure to bring a 2HD floppy disk to your first class. If it is not formated yet, be sure to format your floppy disk before the class begins. If you do not know how to format a floppy disk, click here.

What we will do this week:

1) Learn how to use Eudora: For details click here.

2) Visit Dave's ESL Cafe and register at Student E-Mail Connection: For registration click here and press the "View List" button. You can see how othere people upload their messages.

  1. Open Hidemaru ("Start" button at the lower left corner of the desktop - Select "Program" - Click on "Hidemaru") and write a message for the E-Mail Connection.

  2. Click here and fill in the blanks of "E-mail Connection" registration page. You are supposed to fill in "Name" (Just your first name will do), your e-mail address (like g0123456@for.dokkyo.ac.jp) in "E-mail", "Your homepage URL" if you have your own homepage, and "You come from" (Click on the inverted black triangle and select "Japan" in the list).

  3. Paste the Hidemaru message on the "Enter message here:" box of the registration page. Below is the instruction how to "paste" the message:

    1. Make sure the Hidemaru you have written the message is on top of the desktop.
    2. Click on "Edit" of the Hidemaru menu and selct "Select all" command. The message will be darkned.
    3. Press the "F8" key (a function key on top of the keybord). "F8" is a "copy" command key for Hidemaru.
    4. Now click on the "Enter message here:" box of the registration page.
    5. Press the right button of your mouse and select "Paste" or "Harituke" from the short cut menu. You will find your message pasted in the "Enter message here:" box.
  4. Press the "sign it!" button just once.

  5. Press the "view list" button and confirm your message.

  6. Type "E-mail Connection 000411" on top of the Hidemaru message.

  7. Save the Hidemaru message as "dave000411.txt" in your floppy disk.

3) Today's assignment: Opening Eudora, send me at shimada@dokkyo.ac.jp  the email on which is pasted the content of "dave000411.txt".


For the E-Mail Assignment


Project HTMLA Good Man is Hard to FindThe Assistant