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Last modified on January 9, 2001

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Week #24 (January 9, 2001)

Be sure to check your home pages and see if they look just the way you have expected.  I have read your second-semester project, and have decided to accept all the projects, so far turned in, as valid presentations to earn credits unless otherwise written in my following comments on them:

Inaba, Keiko:
A nice compact introduction of Jane Austin. What happened to your e-mail friend page? It seems to be incomplete. You could have moved the last half of the top page to it.

Kato, Satoko:
I liked the background images of your front page and the design of the "Japanese Culture" page. The latter could have been better if you added some images and relevant links to each item.

Kobayashi, Asayo:
A very "cute" site with cute images. I hope you will realize your dream keeping up the good work. I found several misspelled words in your pages. You'd better use the spell checker of "Word" and correct them. In addition, you keep writing "would like to introduce of" something. If you "introduce" something, you say "would like to introduce something (to somebody)."

Komiya, Tomoko:
A very good work studying about your hometown. I especially liked the title of your site and the design of your e-mail report page. The front page could have been easier to read if you change the cellpadding="0" to "10".

Kubota, Akiko:
The only "frame" site this year. Your subject "Ireland" is a very interesting one. But most of the items in your "Learn English in Ireland" page seem to be too short. You could have at least added links to such writers as James Joyce, Yeats, etc. and such a subject as "Myth of Ireland."

Masuda, Nami:
Your subject is very interesting and your conclusion, I think, is reasonable. A good work. Your page could have been better if you give each page a title based on the subject. It could have been very useful if you added a few links to some sites about Indian marriages.

Masuki, Kouji:
The saxophone pages are beautifully made but I wanted to know why you are so attached with this instrument. You have added unnecessary line break (<br>) in your html. You don't need <br> in the middle of a sentence. In some cases, you added one in the middle of a word! You should remove them. As for e-mail section, a little more explanation about Joo is necessary.

Minekawa, Satoko:
You haven't yet submitted Project 2. You did only the mid-term. Unless you turn in your project, you will get F for this course.

Morisaki, Kana:
Your subject became a very topical one. Could you foresee the "unpresidented" outcome of the election? I think the "Hour-by-hour reports" should have been linked to some external news sites. You could have added links to some of more than thousand sites about your topic. I am sorry you haven't been able to enjoy e-mail exchanges.

Nagashima, Rie:
You have rather serious problems with your Project 2 HP:
1. link errors
<A HREF=" file:///M|/bin/html/others/comp98/project2/nagashima02.htm"><FONT COLOR=#FF<3366>></FONT COLOR=#FF3366></A>
should be written as:
<A HREF="nagashima02.htm"><FONT COLOR=#FF<3366>></FONT COLOR=#FF3366></A>
because people cannot access your M: drive. As it stands, they can see only the first page.
2. link problems:
No link to "nagashima03.htm" and "nagashima04.htm" and no "back" link to your front page from these pages.
Your theme is very good and you write well but I find a lot of misspellings! Unless you revise and correct, I'm afraid I cannot guaranttee credits for this course.

Nochi, Hideki:
Your link page appears to be interesting and useful. Too bad they are in Japanese. In your front page you seem to be saying very important things but the problem is I could pick up only fragments of your ideas. I will appreciate very much if you send me a Japanese version. Your e-mail report seems to be only the first semester record. Although you must have been busy job-hunting, I need more explanation why you could exchange e-mail in the first semester and why not in the second semester? Another problem: you must add a link to the "Project 2" name list page.

Ohta, Yuka:
Your subject looks good but it seems to me that your report on English education in three countries is too skimpy to earn your credits for this course. You could have made a deeper and more detailed analysis such as historical background of English education in these countries. In addition, there seem to be no e-mail report page, except for the first semester e-mail exchange. If you want to get credits for this course, you must revise.

Otake, Yuko:
Judging from what you write on the front page, your site seems to be incomplete! What you have done is just a brief introduction of Japanese holidays. You need to expand the page or add some pages on other aspects of Japanese culture in order to earn your credits.

Sawanobori, Yuko:
I enjoyed reading about the two musicals but your site, too, seems to be incomplete! A page for "BAD BOYS NIETZSCHE!" or "sawanobori04.htm" is missing! You need to send it to me to earn your credits for this course.

Seki, Hiroshi:
I find no e-mail report page except for the first semester project. What happened in the second semester? As for TOEFL section, I would say that "quoting" is neither composition nor research! Hope you reconstruct your argument and let me know your opinion about each issue if you want to get credits for this course.

Sekiguchi, Masami:
I enjoyed reading about your trip to Korea. But the Labrador section, which appears to be quoted from somewhere, is rather boring. Why don't you introduce your own Labrador retrievers to us? Do they meet the characteristics described in your page?

Takahashi, Ayako:
Your cat page is informative but the content of "History" and "Character" pages can be found elsewhere. Tell us more about your own cat if you would like to get a better grade. How did she start living with you? What does she usually do? Why do you like her? etc. You might as well add some external links to important and interesting cat sites.

Takizawa, Harumi:
I liked the Yukata page. It looks "cool"! You should have added kimono and yukata images so that we can visualize the types of kimono.

Tamura, Hiroko:
You seem to have found good e-mail friends. I liked your "Let's travel Japan!" section. It's as if a visitor can have a virtual mini-tour of Japan. Too bad you could not find some images like "Clock Tower" in Sapporo.

Wakizaki, Masako:
I think your page is a good introduction of some important British cultures and traditions. It is nice that you added an external link to each page. Your homepage could have been better if you added a few images for some of the items like "YORKSHIRE PUDDING" and "Park." I especially miss a link to "Pub"!

In order to get better grades, however, almost all of you need to revise your project to solve some problems.  After you have solved your problems, browse the projects of other students and make a brief comment on each of them.  The comment must include: 1) points you have found good or "cool", and 2) points you think could have been improved.  Write your comments in the order of the index list. (You go horizontally from the upper left corner picking up the project marked with like "Inaba, Keiko",  "Kato, Satoko", "Kobayashi, Asayo", etc., etc, ) When you finished writing comments on all the projects, send the message to all the others using the nickname "Comp Class Add" which you made during Week#8. The "Subject:" of the e-mail should be "Project 2 Comments". This assignment and the revision of your homepage is due January 30.

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