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Week #10 (June 13, 2000)

This week you will learn how to organize your floppy disk.  You will also review what you have already learned concerning files and folders.  Then we will learn more about "Hidemaru" editor and HTML so that you can start working on the first-semester report.

1) How to "organize" your floppy disk:   By now, many of you may have a lot of files on your floppy disk and you may be having some trouble finding the file you want to open.  Using the Explorer, why don't you organize your floppy disk?  You can "organize" your floppy disk by sorting out your files and placing them in different folders.  In this process, you may find unnecessary files, which you can delete.  But please be very careful, when you delete files.  You cannot "recover" the files you have once deleted on a floppy disk!

  1. Before starting to organize your floppy disk, be sure to customize the Explorer.  If you forget how to do so, click here.  You can jump to Week#4.

  2. Open your floppy disk with the Explorer.  Unless you have made new folders of your own, your floppy disk will look like this:

    clip0508b.jpg (28869 ???)

  3. Now, select the "html" folder and copy it to the "bin" folder on your floppy disk.  Your floppy disk now looks like this:

    week10a.jpg (42983 ???)

    You know that when you copy a folder, all the files and folders in that folder are also copied.

  4. Instead of "copying", you can use the "remove" command.  Remove the "html" folder on the "root directory", meaning the "html" folder you have just made, to the "bin" folder in your "M:" drive.  Your "M:" dirve then looks like this:

    week10b.jpg (41618 ???)

    You can use this "html" folder in the M: Drive as a back up folder.  When you revise or create files in the A: Drive (floppy disk), be sure to copy them to the folders in the M: Drive.

  5. Now, make a "txt" folder on the "root directory" of your floppy disk.  Also make "trash" and "temp" folders on the root directory so that your floppy disk now looks like this:

    week10c.jpg (36239 ???)

  6. Now, you are ready to sort out your files and replace them in the folders you have just made.  Select the "root directory", or "3.5 inch FD (A:) and click on "file no shurui" tag on top of the right box of the Explorer.  The files on the root directory will be sorted out according to file types.

  7. Using either "copy" or "remove" command, replace all the files that end with ".txt" to the "txt" folder.  Replace all the files that end with ".bak" to the "trash" folder.  As for the other files, you may just leave them on the root directory, or you may replace them in the "temp" folder.

  8. The above is just an example of how to organize your floppy disk.  You had better invent your own way.  If you would like to know how I organize my "hard" disk, click here.  You may see that it is important how you name your folders and files.

  9. (optional) You may want to copy "comp00pr1.htm" (Project 1 Name List) and "comp98pr0.htm" (Project HTML Home) on the web in your A:¥bin¥html¥others folder so that you can see if your hyper links to these files will work.  You can do this if you visit these two pages by Internet Explorer:

    1) Open the Internet Explorer (click on C:
    ¥Program Files¥Internet Explorer¥Iexplore.exe using the explorer) and go to this page you are now reading.
    2) Click on comp00pr1.htm and comp98pr0.htm on the Internet Explorer and visit these two pages.
    3) Using the Explorer, go to C:
    ¥windows¥Temporary Internet Files folder.  Find in it "comp00pr1.htm" and "comp98pr0.htm" and copy them to your A:¥bin¥html¥others folder.
    4) Double clicking on your A:
    ¥bin¥html¥others¥comp98¥your last name.htm file, open the file by the Netscape.  See if the hyper links to the above two pages will work.  Also see if the link to your "last name.htm" file will work by clicking on your name on "comp00pr1.htm" file.

2) How to customize "Hidemaru":  While you were organizing your floppy disk, you may have noticed that you have a lot of files whose file names end with ".bak".  Those are "back-up" files and they were made when you overwrite "htm" or "txt" files.  If you customize "Hidemaru", you can have those back-up files with their original file names and keep them in a designated folder.  As you have made "trash" folder in the previous exercise, let's customize "Hidemaru" so that "back-up" files will be stored in the "trash" folder from now on.

  1. Open "Hidemaru."   ("Start">"Programs">"Tools">"Hidemaru")

  2. Select "Others", or "sonota", from the menu bar of the "Hidemaru" and select "Working Environment", or "dohsa kankyo" from the pull-down menu.  A dialogue window will appear.

  3. Press "Path" on the left window and fill in the blanks as follows:

    week10d.jpg (37200 ???)

  4. Press the "OK" button and close the window.   That's all.

  5. In order to see if you have customized "Hidemaru" correctly, open some "htm" or "txt" file and overwrite it.  If you overwrite "shimada.htm", for example, you will find "shimada.htm" in the "trash" folder.

3) How to prepare the first-semester report:  I thinks that the best way to make an html report is as follows:

  1. Copy the e-mail messages from the Eudora to the Word.

  2. Edit and "spell check" words and save the file not as a Word file (i.e. ".doc") but as "text file" (i.e. ".txt") in either the root directory or "txt" folder of your floppy disk.   If the file is the first page save it as "your last name.txt".  If it is the second page, save as "your last name01.txt".  If it is the third, save as "your last name02.txt".  Be sure to save them in the "txt" folder of your floppy disk.

  3. Open "your last name.txt" with "Hidemaru" and add the necessary html tags.  Save the file as "your last name.htm" in the "a://bin/html/others/comp98/" folder and confirm how it looks on the Netscape, .  Do the same to "your last name01, 02, 03....txt" files.
    When you want to upadate "your last name01, 02, 03...htm" files by adding new e-mail messages, you first update "your last name01, 02, 03...txt" files if you have followed the above procedures:

    1. You open "your last name01, 02, 03...txt" in the txt folder with the Word and copy to it the new e-mail messages from the Eudora.

    2. After checking the spellings, you save (overwrite) the file as a ".txt" file in the txt folder.

    3. Then open it again with the Hidemaru this time. Add necessary html tags and save (overwrite) the file as an ".htm" file in the "a://bin/html/others/comp98/" folder.

    4. Lastly open the file with the Netscape to confirm the update before sending it to me.

  4. As for the information about the necessary html tags, you may click here and jump to Week#5.   If you would like to know more about the html used in your homepage, visit this page, which I will explain about next week.


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