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Last modified on June 27, 2000

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Week #12 (June 27, 2000)

Go on working on the first-semester report.   I would like you to browse your own project and the project of the others.   First, why don't you browse your own pages and see if they look just as you have expected.  Then, browse the other students' pages and see how your classmates did their job.  Their homepages might give you some idea to improve your own.   Lastly, why don't you revise some parts which you think you can improve.  I know a lot of people who do not like cats.  Felix walking around on every page might get on their nerves!  So, at least, remove Felix(es) from your pages except for the one on your first page.  Or, better yet, try to use other images.  If you are not sure how to do so, click here.  When you finished revising and removing (or, replacing) the cat images,  send me the revised pages attaching to e-mail titled w-your student number.


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Project HTMLA Good Man is Hard to FindThe Assistant