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Last modified on October 24, 2000

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Week #18 (October 24, 2000)

[Review] So far, you have learned how to make a hyper-link.  You can now make two types of hyper-links:

Type 1: Hyper-link using letters:
<a href="bookmark2.htm">Bookmark2</a>

Type 2: Hyper-link using an image:
<a href="bookmark2.htm"><img src="image file name" border="0"></a>

Are you sure that you understand them?   If you don't, ask me so that you can make hyper-links of your own.  Instead of specifying a file name in the <a href="bookmark2.htm"> tag, you already know that you can use a url (web address) as in: <a href="http://www.dokkyo.ac.jp/eng/">.
You can also specify a file on the web using a url and file name as in:

<a href="http://www2.dokkyo.ac.jp/~esemi006/others/comp18.htm">

Similarly, you can use a "url+file name" for <img src> tag as in :

<img src="http://www2.dokkyo.ac.jp/~esemi006/images/FELIXWALK.GIF" border="0">

As you learned in the first semester, you can use a "relative path+file name" instead of a "url+file name" as in:

<img src="../images/FELIXWALK.GIF" border="0">

If you don't remember what a "relative path" is, click here.


When a homepage is long, an "anchor-link" is very useful.  Its function is quite similar to a hyper-link.  If you use an anchor link, you can jump to a specified line in the same page instead of another page.  All you have to remember is the following two tags:

<a href="#???">???</a>

<a name="???"></a>.

If you click on the "???" in <a href="#???">???</a>, you can jump to a line on which you have added <a name="???"></a>.

Click here to see how to use anchor links.

Sometimes an attribute, target="top", is useful when used as in:

<a href="bookmark2.htm" target="top">Bookmark2</a>

Add target="top" to your "bookmark.htm" as in the above line.  (Rewrite the line
<a href="bookmark2.htm">Bookmark2</a> in your "bookmark.htm" as
<a href="bookmark2.htm" target="top">Bookmark2</a>.)
See what happens when you click on the link.  (Instead of "top", you can use any word you like.  Eg. target="new")

Now I would like you to write a mid-term project report in html.  This time, unlike the first semester project, the form of your html is completely free!  Design your page in any way you like.  In order to avoid a confusion in uploading your files, however, I will set up some rules.  Click here, and read the rules and what you are supposed to do.

How to make an html file is explained here.   For additional information about html tags, click here.

Start your netsurfing using "Yahoo!" and "Alta Vista" and make a plan for the second semester project.


For the E-Mail Assignment


Project HTMLA Good Man is Hard to FindThe Assistant