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Last modified on May 16, 2000

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Week #6 (May 16, 2000)

     As I am afraid that I have made you work too hard so far, I have decided to have a break this week.  What we will be doing this week is mostly review.

1) Why don't your try Week #5 assignments again if you failed to upload "your last name.htm" file? 
    If you succeeded in uploading "your last name.htm" file last week, I would like you to revise or "update" it.  You must have exchanged more e-mail messages by now.  Why don't you paste those new e-mail messages in addition to the present ones?  (Refer to the instructions of the previous weeks and figure out how to do it.  Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.)
    When you do Week #5 assignments or update your home page, please note the following items.

  1. If your name on your home page is incorrect,   you had better correct it.  It is very easy to do so: 1) Open "your last name.htm" file with "Hidemaru" and find the lines near the top of the page that read:
    <font size="6">
    Hideaki Asakura
    2) Delete Hideaki's name and type your own name.  Don't forget to save the file.

  2. It may be not nice to display your e-mail friends' e-mail addresses on the web.  (You may not want your own e-mail address on the web, too)  You'd better delete them, or at least change the e-mail account names (e.g. "gxxxxxxxx" is your account name).  You can delete or change them manually on "Hidemaru."  But, if you use the search, or "kensaku", function of "Hidemaru", you can do this almost automatically.  Let me explain how:
    0) Make sure that the cursor is on the top line of the "Hidemaru" file. 
    1)  Click on  "kensaku" on the menu bar of "Hidemaru."  A pull-down menu appears. 
    2) Click on "okikae" from the pull-down menu.  A dialogue box, or a small window, appears as in the picture below.

    search.jpg (18628 ???)

    3) Fill in the "kensaku" box letters or numbers you would like to replace by other letters or numbers.  (In the above example: "g7124057") 
    4) Fill in the "okikae" box letters or numbers you would like to be replaced.   (e.g. "g7124???")  If you would like delete "g7124057", just leave this box blank. 
    5) Click on "shita kensaku", then the following menu bar appears when "Hidemaru" finds the "word" (e.g. "g7124057") you would like to replace.

    replace.jpg (6489 ???)

    6) If you want to replace that word, click on "okikae+tsugi" button.  If you don't, click on "shita koho" button.   "Hidemaru" will find the next "word" and the above bar appears again. 
    7) Repeat the item 6) until the above bar disappears. 
    8) Confirm the result and save the file.
    It may look very complicated.  But this search and/or replace function of "Hidemaru" is very useful.  I hope you will get used to it.

  3. Today's Assignment: Referring to the assignment 5) of Week #5, send me the updated "your-last-name.htm" file.  The subject of the e-mail should be "w6-your-student-number".

2) Complete the assignment 5) of Week #5.  When you finish, I will tell you how to save image files on the web using Netscape in the class.  Save "redball3.gif" and "bluebal3.gif" image files in the "gifs" folder.  Save "parchmnt.gif" in the "images" folder.  Then, double click on "ht980508.htm" in the "comp98" folder and see how it looks like on Netscape.

clip0508b.jpg (28869 ???)


For the E-Mail Assignment


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